Pushed ToB Build
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Build summary Built for the heck of it just to see where it would go… up to lvl 145 and it kicks butt
Recommended starting class(es) Used a Royal to start with
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 37
Will/Intelligence 25
Endurance 24
Strength 22
Dexterity 20
Magic 45
Faith 45
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

+5 Kris
+5 Istratelle Spear- needs a 24 faith and 18 dex to use but is well worth it at higher faith lvls.
+5 Crescent Kilij- primary back up weapon
+5 Moon Uchigatana
+5 Blessed Mirdian Hammer
+5 Blessed Mace
+5 Dragon Long Sword- use this for Garl
+5 Dragon Morningstar- had to use up my dragon stones :)
+5 Sticky Compound Longbow

Friends Ring
Thieves Ring
Graverobbers Ring
Cling Ring
Regen Ring

Ancient Kings Breast Plate
Leather Gloves and Boots
Silver Coronet
Old Monks Collar
+10 PFS

Recommended spells/miracles

Gods Wrath- over 700 damage points
2nd Chance
Firestorm- Lots and lots and lots and lots of damage
Soul Ray- depending on the enemy and if its shielded between 330- 600 points per hit

Anti Magik Field- Mostly for use in the tower (3.1) when its time to refill Old Spice

Gameplay tips and progression

A fun build for bluing around.
The Istratelle can be found in 5.1 with a pure white world tendency. Id recommend having firestorm at this point or bringing along a blue who has it because you will need to get past 5 giant goblins to get it. The blessed weapons are a lot harder to get built time wise but very good to have- solid damage points and add a bit of regen that is useful in those times where you dont want to waste spice on small hurts. The regen is not useful for battle even if stacked with the regen ring and adjudicator shield once you get past lvl 110 or so as most BPs are dealing out FAR more damage at a far quicker pace but at lower levels they help alot.

I use the Istratelle as my primary weapon and for PvE it one shots most of the minor enemies and 2 shots (at most) some of the higher enemies like Blue and Red Eye Knights. For PvP this is a devastating weapon if used properly and to be honest it took me some go rounds to learn how to use it to best results.

I could probably adjust the stats to where it is closer to 124- 130 and it will still be nearly as powerful. But, it was and is fun to play with


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