Perfect Mage
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Build summary A Perfect Mage Used for Anything
Recommended starting class(es) Magician, Royalty.
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 42
Will/Intelligence 50
Endurance 32
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 50
Faith 50
Luck 8
Recommended equipment

Right Hand

Moon or Blessed Mirdan Hammer +5
Moon War Scythe +5
Moon or Crescent Uchigatana +5

Left Hand

Insanity Catalyst
Silver Catalyst
Talisman of Beasts or Talisman of God

Optional Weapons

Scraping Spear (PvP)
Any Bow You Prefer

Armor You Should Wear

Binded Set
Venerable Sage's Set
Shaman's Set
Old Ragged Set
Rogue's Set
Saint's Set


Ring of Magical Sharpness
Soul or Body Form OR
Ring of Magical Dullness
Ring of Magical Nature
Thief's Ring
Grave Robber's Ring

Soul Form Cling Ring
Friend's Ring
Foe's Ring

What You Should Equip for Consumables

Late Moon Grass
Full Moon Grass
Fresh Spice
Old Spice
Blue/Black/Red Eye Stones

Recommended spells/miracles

Soul Arrow
Fire Spray
Soul Ray
Flame Toss
Homing Soul Arrow
Enchant / Light / Curse Weapon
Water Viel


Second Chance
God's Wrath
Hidden Soul

Gameplay tips and progression

This might be hard to get to…but…TRUST ME. Its totally worth it. I've killed every black phantom i've come across. This build is great for almost anything. The moon weapon's are for whenever you feel like using them, because if you get your magic high enough, your moon weapons will become "unstoppable"….(I forget….is that how you spell it? lol). Even if you want to invade other ppl, go for it. I've tested that out, and it was so much fun killing so many hosts! You can give or take a few on the stats if you like.

I will be working on other things, so expect more out of me!



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