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Build summary A full 3 man tean SNEAKED into one page
Recommended starting class(es) Tank=temple knight Ninja=thief Pyro=mage
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality **
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance **
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Tank has a page Trio member #1 Tank for his set

*Ninja page is in the works
*Pyro page is soon to come

Recommended spells/miracles
Gameplay tips and progression

Trio members all max out between SL 120-130 increase what you like after min stats met (ie. my setup)
00 means no increase I'm using my mobile and ** isn't acting right


Tank |50 |18|30+|30| 00 | 00| 50 |00 |

Ninja|20|20|20 |20|85+|20-|** |** |

Pyro |25+|50| 00 |00| 00| 50 | 00 | 00 |

This is the full trio the blue phantoms are typically ninja and tank this setup will support most any host minus a vital build (AKA Northern regailia) any one else should totally love from having tank in front and ninja close by in the shadows of chaos. Now if you pay attention you will notice that one of the trio takes up the slack for the others each pulling his own weight in his own area each one should equip according to the highest stats.
Game progression
Have each member complete 1-1 get blue stone and start from there on out rotating beating every board keeping in mind each build progression. Rotate such as
*host Tank board 1-2
*host ninja board 1-2
*host pyro board 1-2
This way you progress together and keep your levels together also you will start learning your squads play style as the black phantoms roll in you will react based on familarity alone. (I think i spelled that wrong anyway) soon you will be a well oiled machine.
Tank is to be played extremely offensively always in front always in direct danger shield up absorbing damage reliant on ninja and pyro for damage thanks to high vital and faith
Ninja is to be played as a duality on one hand a hidden back stabbing MF N GD <acronym>beast. On the other hand a hidden archer with full intent on using hyper mode (morion blade & clever rat ring) to snipe the ISHT (word jumble figuer it out…. got it oooook) out of anything moving without getting in any danger cause good ol' Tank is busy destracting so low vital be DAM…… darned.
PYRO Nothing hard to understand here basic fire mage most of the time the host nothing but fire spells fire toss fire shot fire ball ignite and fire storm. But over all suit this one to your personal style i prefer fire due to faith builds it still hurts.One last thing about this squad is if any one dies immediately go back and resummon then you are never to proceed as less than a 3 person team.
If you don't like the idea of always playing with others fine but that's what these are for use your other three slots for solo play this is serious CO-OP.
Each will also have a page that will detail armour and play style more.
This is the over all concept so let the squads roam


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