Best Build EVER
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Build summary i dare any lvl 120 PvPer to beat it
Recommended starting class(es) whatever the hell you chose
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 99
Will/Intelligence 99
Endurance 99
Strength 99
Dexterity 99
Magic 99
Faith 99
Luck 99
Recommended equipment


  • might as well be blueblood since thats what everyone else does and people only care about PvP it seems


  • Brushwoods or black leather or nothing


  • Ring of Herculean Strength/Ronin's ring (body and soul form)


  • Darkmoon grass (99)
  • Old Spice (99)
  • Augite of Guidence (99)
  • Soul Remains (99)
  • Nexial Binding
Recommended spells/miracles


  • Firestorm
  • Light Weapon


  • Second Chance
  • Water Veil
Gameplay tips and progression

I redid this build after someone gave some very important information to me. He told me that i shouldnt bother with builds if it cant stand up to PvP because i guess it doesnt matter how the build may hold during PvE or if the build does decent in most PvP matches. Even when i made it clear this was to help beginners in PvE and give them a fighting chance in PvP, that didnt matter. so here is the new freaking build built for running around in circles in the Nexus.


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