Trio Member #2 Ninja
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Build summary The 2nd wing of a 3 man team
Recommended starting class(es) thief
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 20+
Will/Intelligence 20
Endurance 20
Strength 20
Dexterity 85+
Magic 20-
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Armor Venerable sage hood/or full black leather/rogue set gold mask
RH F uchigatana+5 (back stabbing)
RH Lava bow/ White bow/Sticky compound bow
LH Silver catalyst/ Makoto
LH baby nail+5/ morion blade
Rings Thief/graverobber Friend ring/Clever Rat Ring

1 Dark Moon Grass
2 any spice
3 throwing weapon
4 fire bomb
5 what ever

Recommended spells/miracles

*poison cloud
*disease cloud

Gameplay tips and progression

Game Progression.
As the cloak and dagger section of the trio squad you will need certain gear. Start off in 1-1 (duh) get the thief ring and the cling ring. then either 1-2 for wood catalyst & bow or 3-1 for silver catalyst Silver bracelets black leather armor and Clever rat ring (CRR) then 4-1 for Compound long bow graverobber ring and uchigatana. lastly 5-1 for poison cloud and now you are ninja. Put up DEX first until you get respectable damage out of that bow of yours and uchigatana. For every piece of gear complete the following.
5-1 poison cloud
5-2 marrow stones
5-3 Disease cloud
4-1 uchigatana, graverobber ring
4-2 white bow, makoto
4-3 morion blade
3-1 baby nail black leather armor, silver catalyst, CRR sage freke(after 3-2) Dull rat ring, rogue armor
half of 3-2 key to 2nd floor
2-1 armored spider soul
2-2 flame lurker soul
1-1 thief and cling rings
Build explaination
This is here to explain my choices in response to someone (psst he posted below)
20 str is for white bow sticky bow does better damage but white bow has better range so staying hidden while dealing damage is a little more simple the uchigatana is so you look like a ninja using it is up to you I think its over rated (minus push lock combo) 20 Int is for added mp but 18 is fine 20 mag is for those who like some spells that annoy others I alternate between white bow for distance and sticky for damage White arrows only for me a bit costly but I have 2million + souls at all times. Lav bow work best until you get high Dex (30+) and the +5 sticky compound long bow. This ninja is one member of a 3 man team who never does a level without his team mates the trio squad Tank Pyro and Ninja. This is serious co-op not for solo use and yes if you get invaded jump them that's the whole point of having blue phantoms its not the intent however should a black show up kill him as a team. Also I feel as though a ninja should be able to do a little of everything hence stat being around 20 or so to add to his bag of tricks

Stay back and snipe let TANK stay in front and shoot everything there is no reason to ever come in contact with any foe in the event you do pull out uchi and start swangn' rely on pyro for damage with range and steath there shouldn't be much cause for hand to hand combat cepN' a back stabbing otherwise stay close to pyro & hide in the shadows of chaos. Let the squads roam!


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