LW Dexterity
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Build summary A dexterity build meant to use Light Weapon
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight, Royalty SL125
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45-50
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity 35
Magic 25-30 (To get the best out of LW)
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

By priority:

Left Hand

Insanity Catalyst (required)
Hiltless +5
Sharp Uchigatana +5
Dark Silver Shield

Right Hand
Talisman of Beasts/Talisman of god
Hiltless +5
Sharp Uchigatana +5
Sharp Estoc +5
Sharp Secret Dagger +5
Sharp Kilij +5
Sharp War Scythe +5

Pretty much any sharp weapon ( the above weapons are what i deem PVP worthy)
Moon Weapons

Head - Silver Coronet
Chest - Ancient King's Breastplate
Arms/Hands - Ancient King's Gauntlets
Legs - Ancient King's Leggings

Body Form:
Eternal Warriors ring
Dull rats ring

Soul Form:
Cling Ring
Foes ring/Friends ring

Recommended spells/miracles

Second Chance

Light Weapon

Gameplay tips and progression

Understanding your stats:

50 Vitality: Optimal HP for pretty much all builds except Vit Gouge

14 Will/Intelligence: Pretty obvious you need 14 Intelligence to remember Light Weapon since it takes up 2 slots and combined with Silver Coronet you can actually cast it and Second Chance

40 Endurance getting 40 End is standard for all melee PvP builds since more Stamina is never bad and will help you stay in the opponents face

18 Strength Pretty obvious. You need 18 strength to wield Katanas with 1 hand.

35 Dexterity All our Sharp Weapons Scale with Dexterity so 35 dex should be enough to keep up with dedicated dexterity build.

25 Magic This is were the real "magic" of a Light Weapon dexterity build kicks in. With 25 magic and Insanity Catalyst, Light Weapon Suddenly becomes really powerful

16 Faith 16 faith = 2 miracle slots which means access to the powerful Second Chance

7 Luck This stat should never be increased except on a BBS build.

About the Build:

*Ability to use a vast number of weapons (Sharp and moon weapons)
*Annihilates Warding with the use of Light Weapon and Moon Weapons
*Has access to Dual Uchigatanas which in my opinion are one of the best setups in the game
*Destroys mages in a few seconds with a couple slaps
*dual katana Pushlock can kill a fair amount of the PVP community relatively easy
*Makes effective use of secret daggers
*Extremely funny headbutt pushlock that can kill relatively fast

*A little bit weaker than a Curse Weapon Dexterity build
*Weaker against Faith Builds (although a faith build running warding is easier to kill)
*Weak to claymore (if using anything other than War Scythe)
*Hate mail from mages

~Use of your equipment~ Coming soon


Dual Uchigatanas: LH: Uchigatana, RH: Uchigatana
A popular choice. Upon a successful running R1, you are able to add 2 more hits which are almost guaranteed. Be careful about abusing running R1, if you went past your opponent, your back is exposed which may result getting backstabbed. Combos include running R1, L1 then R1 or running R1, L1, pushlock, L1, pushlock and so on. As for pushlocking, for every pushlock, there is added damage from Light Weapon. L1 is very fast. For a successful hit, if appropriate, you are able to get an extra hit with R1.

R2 should never be used. However, one viable use for this would be for a hit after wake-up (opponent getting up after a backstab or riposte). An opponent rolling through the attack would not get hit. If the opponent rolled away and your timing is right, the range is far enough to hit.

The rolling R1 has really short range but it does surprise opponents. So use that to your advantage.

2-handed Uchigatana
More ambitious. Fishes out more damage but normal attacks are slower and is stamina hungry. It does not stunlock like say… the Blueblood Sword but the damage compensates that. The running R1 has greater range and better coverage provided that you don't attack past your opponent which would generate the same problem as before. Upon a successful running R1, you are able to land 1 extra hit before the opponent can roll away.

Ultimately, 2-handed Uchigatana should be played passively.

Hiltless vs Uchigatana
The Hiltless hits harder than the Uchigatana but at the expense of HP loss for each hit you make (including missed phantom hits). So if you're okay with the HP loss and confident that you'll make more hits than misses, either use the Hiltless on LH for dual or RH for 2-handed.


LH: Uchigatana/Hiltless RH: Estoc

The rolling R1 has quite a range. Probably insane range depending on the lag. Upon a successful rolling R1 hit, you are able to add 2 more hits. Choose either L1, R1 or R1, pushlock (which is a retreating fancy hit). For slow weapons which can be interrupted, just keep spamming R1 until the opponent rolls away.

Again, for swipes try going for L1 all the time. Sprint swipe then roll away or attempt rolling backstab.

R2 is quite good against charging opponents and after wakeup. Regarding wakeup, delayed rolling R1 is most effective. This is when you roll at a position next to your opponent then after wake up, you press R1 straight away. The attack should be like a regular rolling R1… except you press R1 a little bit later.

LH: Shield, RH Estoc
This is a limited option but if you're a fan of turtling, you are able to attack while holding your shield up. Be careful though. There will be a lot of backstab attempts from your opponent. You can also parry to attempt a riposte but that's about it. Nothing more to add.

Secret Dagger:


War Scythe:
This is just like Mirdan Hammer except it's not a blunt weapon. So it does not break shields well. However, because Light weapon adds AR (attack rating) there greater effect on the amount of Stamina drained per hit on an opponent's shield; as much as the effect of Mirdan Hammer. I have not tested his.

The best moves are used 2-handed. R1 spam is great for stunlocks but do not abuse it. At most, you would get 3 hits and from thereon, you should stop and attempt another set of hits. Vary the timing of attacks to avoid parries.

The running R1 is good for chasing and punishes rolling too.


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