Crushing Faith
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Build summary A powerful PvP build that uses crushing and blessed weapons
Recommended starting class(es) Temple knight
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 40
Strength 50
Dexterity 12
Magic 6
Faith 50
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Dragon Bone Smasher
Large Sword of Moonlight
Blessed and Crushing Great Axe +5
Blessed and Crushing Greatsword +5
Blessed and Crushing Mirdan Hammer +5
Crushing Guillotine Axe +5
Blessed Knight Sword +5
Morion Blade - use off hand
ToB for CW
ToG for GW
CLB+10 with white/holy arrows or heavy arrows

Basic setup:
RH1 whichever crushing/blessed weapon you choose
RH2 ToG- strictly for casting God's Wrath
LH1 shield of your choice or morion blade

Black Leather - lets you easily roll with heavy weapons equipped
Binded set - gives slight stamina regen bonus
ancient King's set
Venerable Sage's Robes
Saint's Robes

Ring of devout prayer- so you can have all 3 of the listed miracles equipped at once
Friends/foes ring

here are the items youll need for PvP:
Full moon/new moon
Dark moon
Fresh/old spice - depending on how much your relying on your spells and miracles
Kunai - incase you get one of those BPs that rushes you while your bowing then proceeds to run and hide behind NPCs throw one at them and theyll be poisoned.

Recommended spells/miracles

Cursed Weapon- Godlike When used on crushing weapons and DBS
Firestorm/fire ball
Poison/acid/death cloud

Second Chance

Heal-more efficient than grasses, always heals 75% of your total hp and only costs 30mp so as long as you have fresh spice or old spice you dont have to worry about running out of grass.

Gods Wrath

Gameplay tips and progression

for gaining SL's use DS that you dont need they will give you a lot of souls that can get you a few sl's
Obviously beat 1-1, go to 3-1 and rescue sage freke when hes dead take your new demon's soul to sage freke and learn warding. asuming you have upgraded some stats by now, focus on faith for a bit. head to 4-1, grab the compound long bow, adjudicators shield and the crescent falchion. take the ToG that you find and give it to the sparkly crow and come back later to get a CDS. finish 4-1 which should be easy once you equip asjudicators shield and 2h your halberd or falchion. time for the LSoM, head to 5-1 and to 5-2 immediately after. the 5-2 boss will be a piece of cake with LSoM, assuming you have 24 faith. 5-3 now, kick garl's ass by using luring tactics KEEP HIM OUT OF THE WATER this is where he goes to heal and cast gods wrath…. which can kill you in 1 hit if you get caught in it. use your LSoM or 2h Halberd to take him out. once hes dead you can either attack astrea or talk to her. 1-3 should be open, at this point, in 1-3 free biorr and yuria. WATCH YOUR ATTACKS AROUND BIORR, 3 hits and he starts to attack you… penatrator will be impossible to kill with biorr sniping you and biorr is a major powerhouse too, with penetrator there you will never kill him and he will kill you before you kill the boss. if this happens…. restart. once you have killed allant… go to 1-1, kill miralda and doran with your LSoM, or greatsword. then carry on normally with the rest of the game.


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