Samurai Wizard
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Build summary sl 30+ PvP starting build with good magic and melee potential, chalanging pve, and with use of a few rings can use most spells and miricals
Recommended starting class(es) magician
Recommended Soul Level 30 +

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 16
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 11
Strength 18
Dexterity 14
Magic 16
Faith 10
Luck 11
Recommended equipment

The idea behind this build was a low level invader which could then be raised as desired to different levels for PvP, sort of like a strong starting class, so some of the upgrades below ( ie +5 moon, +5 makoto) are not necessarily needed at sl 30, depends how nasty you want to be or how you want to progress. (see Dex Samurai for sl 100 - 120)

At sl 30 you can use two of the fastest swords in the game, and with the use of a few rings, most of the magic and miracles if you want, with decent armour and shield

can get this build up and running with full kit within an hour or so, if you are famillar with the game ( without upgrades, see below)

LH 1: makoto + 5

LH2: +5 dark kite shield / wooden cat / talismaid of god or TOB

RH 1: moon uchigatana +5 / compound short bow +X (help through levels)

RH 2: kriss blade +5

Armour: Leather armour with silver cornet

Equip explaned: if using Talismaid of god then u will need to swap out for your cat after casting second chance( or once you level a little highter…inc faith to 18 and use TOB witch you can use for both, this will also free up a ring slot when devout prayer ring is not needed)
TOB offers about the same power for spells as the woodern cat but dont use for scaling miricals like Gods rath, for non scaling miricals like second chance it is fine


Soul form:

* cling ring
* devout prayer (alows use of second chance)
* regen ring ( if using makoto)

Body form:

* regen ring (if using Makoto)
* magical nature(extra magic slot)
* devout prayer
* magical sharpness

How to make most of your rings:

to use second chance equip and memorise the mirical in the nexus using ring of devout prayer, travel to world, if NOT invaiding cast second chance straight away then swap devout prayer ring for another (the ones in brackest below). If invading you need to do this as soon as you enter another world as a black phantom, 9 times out of 10 you have more than enough time.

In body form you have two basic set ups

  • regen ring / devout prayer ( swap for magical sharpness ) - duel sword
  • magical nature/ devout prayer ( swap for magical sharpness) - mage

in soul form id recomend

  • regen ring / devout prayer ( swap for cling ring) - dule sword
  • magical nature / devout prayer (swap for cling ring) -extra magic slots
  • magical sharpness/ devout prayer ( swap for cling ring) - extra spell damage
Recommended spells/miracles

At sl 30 with int 15 you will have 2 magic slots avalable. If using ring of magical nature, you will have three slots avaliable

spell set ups

with ring:
* fire storm
* HSA / soul ray
* fire ball / soul ray

without ring:
* fire ball
* fire spray / soul

These are set ups that i think would work best but can use as you want to use other spells

Gameplay tips and progression

After completing 1-1 and speaking to the monument use your souls to level up vitality to give you as much health as you can (get used to this because its all you will have for a while) and then start working on the others.

I planned this build around the magic sword Makoto at first because at base stats it has
210 physical and lots of bleed so this is how i continued.
note : however once fully upgraded the moon uchigatana will out damage the Makoto but go with the Makoto for now.

1. complete all of world 4 WITHOUT dying in body form, if you do it is a pain to get PWWT to get the Makoto on this play through so i recommend doing it in soul form (make use of your fire toss spell at this early stage).
most of your gear comes from this world to so make sure you grab the following.

* Uchigatana( behinde Vangaurd)
* regen ring(when you drop off for boss short cut)
* Talismaid of God ( just before first fog gate)
* leater armour ( from grave robber blige 2200 souls for set, or can free him and buy it later from start of 4-2)

* Free saint Urbain ( in the pit below Patches)
* Old hero demon soul ( to trade for S/C) see note at bottom of page about S/C

i found this the hardest part, those reapers and lazer men. so if needed, quickly get compound short bow from second tower along the bridge in 1-2 and they should be no problem.

you should now be sl 30 easy.

2. once at PWWT enter 4-2 and retrieve the magic sword Makoto (where you met Saint Urbain)

3. with Makoto and regen ring equiped, and uchigatana, if you want to play duel style you can proceed to 3-1 to collect (again your fame toss will do wonders)

  • silver cornet ( in cell near last key before you come back to the fog gate)
  • kite shield ( end of first room with the ball of arms demon)
  • free sage freck (make sure you get the key and kill the guy in the right tower above the boss) you can go back and free sage freck after defeating the boss
  • that all important Black Eye Stone (from the black phantom before boss)

4. Get soul ray spell from sage freck for the fools idol demons soul, now you have pretty much every thing you need except the Kriss Knife, so take what you have and complete 2-1 (kriss is on ledge above you just before the elevator to the armoured spider boss)

5. now you have all the wepons needed comp the basic build. all you need to do is beet the Flamelurker to start upgrading (I recomend : soul rays and thieves ring with kriss blade.

now you can play as you want, low level invading, farming, get to NG to obtain all the spells you want, level higher ( will post some build progressions soon)

NOTE ABOUT SECOND CHANCE: at sl 30 with faith 10 you cant use S/C unless you use the ring of devout get the ring you can

  • kill urbain in the nexus
  • swap larg sword of moonlight with sparky the crow in 4-1

NOTE: if you kill urbain you cannot then remember the miracle till next play through. but i did this because i didnt do much invading till second play through any way or just increase faith to 16 if you want to

BUILD PROGRESSION ( also look at DEX SAMURAI SL 100 - 120 which is also posted)

this is how i progressed this build, i love using the duel sword combo with kriss blade and woodern cat off hand to wip out to finsh off a fleeing opponent or just as a nice little suprise half way through a fight to chatch them off guard.

so i slowley increased VIt 40, End 34 till i reached SL 77, enjoying lots of PvP action along the way.
So at Sl 77

Vit - 40 (for inc health)
Int - 15
End - 34 (for inc stamina and higher Max equip weight)
Str - 18
Dex - 14
Mag - 16 (please read note below about inc mag stat)
Faith - 10
Luck - 11

(note i left faith at 10 so am still using ring of devout prayer for second chance, but could inc to 16 at any time you want….id rather have six more stats to add to vit or end)

at SL 77 am meeting lots more planed builds and getting buch better fights, have also swaped out my Makoto for a second Moon uchigatana + 5 because it offers more damage and frees up a ring slot.
not really having much trouble with any builds i have faced except for those with high magic defence, obvously as all my attack is magic based…..but this build is great for quick manovering and attacks so if you know your character well, even high magic deffence is not to much trouble…..but i have a plan to get round this…..( see Dex Samurai SL 100 -120)

(Note: if you want to continue down the moon path you can inc mag a little for extra damage but if you go above 17 then will cause serious problems for the next progression i have in minde!)

PLEASE take the time to see what im actualy doing with this build before you wright it off, the stats stated are a STARTING point for a strong PvP/ chalanging PvE….so the idea is to move up through the SLs and just have a bit of fun on the way, not get stuck fighting the same people around your SL every time (no offence ment there )have not seen a progressive build on here Yet so thats what im trying to do


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