Hulk Smashes Brightest Day and Darkest Night
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Build summary A build to have a rousing great time during a PWWT or PBWT event as you steamroll everything in your path at least in NG.
Recommended starting class(es) Barbarian, Male because you chance miralda dying in an unreachable spot and loosing the binded armor is a tragedy.
Recommended Soul Level Starts rocking at soul level 9

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality Lots
Will/Intelligence 18+ 3 slot for cursed weapon
Endurance Lots
Strength Lots
Dexterity some
Magic leave it be for cracked catylist unless you really wanna use spells.
Faith 24+ for evacuate and 2nd chance
Luck Up to you
Recommended equipment

Brushwood set

adjudicators shield

regenerator's ring early game

cling ring if you die alot which you won't but its possible.

eternal warriors once you can pick it up.

other slots not really important

Talisman of Beast is not really important but cracked curse weapon can make short work of just about anything when applied to a cleaver smasher great axe/sword.

A half decent blessed weapon, even that blessed mace you picked up rocks everyone up to flamelurker's world.

A crushing weapon(greystone is incredibly easy to farm from the worms next to flamelurker's area) or a meat cleaver or a dragon bone smasher(games already in pwwt why not)

A Greatsword and Greataxe to mess around with are also nice

Recommended spells/miracles

curse weapon

Miracles: Second life if you need it, evacuate for the farmings and regeneration if you really need to regain 30 or so life a second.

Gameplay tips and progression

So the idea here is, You start a new game on a world tendency event and just go get the brushwood set first( the barbarian can one hit the black phantom dreglings if you back smash them in PWWT and miralda has this terrible habit of running of the ledge as soon as you get on the ladder to go down). As a barbarian you don't get any armor anyway and it doesn't even over encumber you.

After viscously molesting phalanx and company and trust me you will, you're free to go get some stuff, I usually go to world 2 and grab a great club first but thats just me enjoying the whole samurai baseball aspect. I'd say go to world 4 grab the regenerator ring and the adjudicator's shield and kill adjudicator if you feel like it(he's easy as pie to melee to death)

With your full set of brushwood armor and 10 hp regen or so a second you end up as a force to be reckoned with and can easily blow through the rest of the bosses while being somewhat obscenely underleveled.

Anyway this is just a fun build and it is damn fun playing demon souls as a hack and slash.

Thanks for reading my first submitted build.


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