Game Beater
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Build summary Easy game beater for people having touble.
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer, Royalty, Soilder
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 50
Strength 50
Dexterity 15
Magic 11
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand:
Dragon Bone Smasher +1
Crushing Great Axe +5
Crushing Great Sword +5
Knight Sword +10( Beginner)

Left Hand:
Brushwood Shield
Ajudicator Shield

Black Leather Set for beginners

Later on in game wear:
Assassin Mask
Gloom or Dark silver Breastplate
Black Leather Gloves
Gloom, Dark Silver, or Black leather Legs ( which ever you can roll in.

Recommended spells/miracles

enchant Weapon
soul ray
soul arrow
Poison cloud

Second Chance
Anti-magic field

Gameplay tips and progression

So start off beating 1-1, it's easy. Make sure to get cling ring, for when you die. Pour souls into Strength and endurance, until you get 20 str 20 End. Then go for 20 health, if you need it or just keep pouring into str and end. When 1-1 is complete go to 1-2, its easy just be careful, get a friend if needed. After 1-2 is completed level up either str vit or end. Then go on to 2-1, get a friend and beat it, try not to die a lot, beat 2-2 and 2-3 if you don't die a lot by the time you finish World two archstone get dbs. Level up. Go to 2-2 again take long path and get dragon long sword and great Axe. Hopefully you have 30 end by now. Get 150 arrows and kill red dragon at 1-2 and go to 1-1 and get ring of great strength by dragons nest be careful, don't carry to many souls because you might lose them. Then, take 4-1 easily with friends. Get Ajudicator shield and loot everything. kill old hero and storm king get Anti- magic field. And 3-1 will be easy. After that level up dragon long sword as mush as you can. beat archstone 3. Then go to 5-1 with dragon longsword equipped, it will be a fly. Bring 100 arrows for boss and go to snipers perch to kill leech monger. save sage freke and get poison cloud, then do 1-3, if you saved Ostrava, in 1-1 and 1-2 kill him in one three to get key to old king Doran. Go to old king Doran fight him until he tells you to stop, take the sword and poison cloud him for armor. be sure to have a lot of space. beat 1-4 now with many friend, as this level is hard. If you followed all of this 5-2 and 5-3 will be a breeze. Have a friend with firestorm come with you, for these levels. And if you do all of this and souls farm a lot, Demons souls will be a breeze for you.


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