Biorr of The Twin Fangs
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Build summary a PvE build based on the total powerhouse NPC, Biorr. its around sl 258 when done. havent made this build for a while i sort of forgot how it goes
Recommended starting class(es) Knight, Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 55
Will/Intelligence 45
Endurance 99 - max equip burden becomes 129, lets you roll and equip a couple weapons. you WILL need RoGS if you wish to use DBS or Dozer Axe
Strength 40
Dexterity 30
Magic 45
Faith 45
Luck **
Recommended equipment

there is many weapons you can use for this build, you dont have to use all of them but it
helps to have certain gear for certain worlds.

Morion Blade (must have at all times for hyper mode)
Kris Blade +5 (must have for caster set up with ToB in left hand)
Quality/Blessed/Crushing Greatsword+5
Quality/Blessed/Crushing/Moon Great Axe +5
Quality/Blessed/Crushing Mirdan Hammer +5
Quality/Blessed/Crushing Knight Sword +5
Dragon Bone Smasher +5
Crescent/Moon uchi, kilij, falchion +5
Makoto +2 (for getting hyper mode in around 5 seconds)

Large Sword of Searching (farming, equip in LH1 leave MB out of the picture, best place for full/new moon grass is in 1-3 after you kill the fat official.

Large Sword Of Moonlight
Northern Regelia
Istarelle +5
Meat Cleaver

There are a few combat set ups, i recommend these:
RH1: whatever weapon you desire
RH2:the bow of your choice
LH1:Morion Blade
LH2:your shield
use ToB to cast SC before you switch out with MB if you use ToB off hand

Caster setup:
RH1:Morion Blade
RH2: Kris Blade +5

LH1: ToB
LH2:your shield

Equip these in a right hand slot with a melee set up to use with hyper mode and so you can also have the
MB equipped, you may need to switch out ToB for different situations if you choose to use a bow
You can use heavy xbow if you wish, i strongly advise against it though.

quality compound longbow +5 use with white/holy arrows

sticky compound longbow +5 use with white/holyarrows… at 34/30 it does base damage of 84 + 297 with WA's

Lava bow- use with white/holy a'rows

white bow, DO NOT upgrade it does not gain any more damage only good for range, other than that it sucks.

holy arrows scale with faith slightly. lv 45 faith gives them +120 magic damage for a total of 270 magic damage, my girlfriend told me this and continuously proves it to me for 3 days so i know this works.

to get a ton of holy and white arrows, have a buddy on PSN dupe with you. should take 10 mins to turn 14 holy/white arrows in to 999
Full Brushwood
Shaman's clothes, simply because they give you good resistance and weigh pretty much nothing. only 3.7 units for whole set. and look cool

Brushwood +5
DSS +5
Adjudicator +5
Steel Shield +5
Knight Shield +5

Ring of Great Strength, you may not actually need at 75 End, but you may need for weapons such as the Dozer and DBS
Ring of magical Sharpness- always have equipped, does the same thing as friends/foes ring
Clever Rats Ring- always have equipped also

Recommended spells/miracles

Homing Soul arrow
Soul Ray
Fire Storm
Fire Ball
poison/death cloud

Fire Spray- god like when used in hyper mode, have this and fire storm equipped to do running firestorm. its funny to see a highly fire resistant tank casting RFS, its worth trying if you wanna laugh your ass off :)

Cloak-just as a joke… when around sl 140 (YOU SHOULD HAVE BRUSHWOOD BY NOW) put a blue soul sign on the rock of legacies in 4-1, cast this when a BP invades. when you see them just run at them it scares the hell out of them if a tank just appears from no where and rushes them. i show ALL pvp etiquette, i only rush,jump and use Mirdan Hammer on rushers ( people who show now pvp etiquette and run at the person whos bowing) i also rush, jump and use MH on people who show etiquette but fight cheap as hell. so dont think im cheap in pvp. ive actually beaten several DS legends numerous times in succession with out dying and no backstabs used on them. but you may wanna use those tactics at lv 130-150 just to get a few laughs

Light/Cursed Weapon-use LW on quality weapon, CW on crushing

Second Chance
Gods Wrath
Evacuate—for farming

Gameplay tips and progression

A fair amount of soul farming and item farming is needed at some points. a few tips along the way:

1.if you start as a knight, get end up to 20 and equip the ROGS and you will be able to roll with your full starting armour set equipped. this is very usefull for 4-1 when you raise your shield at the right time to stun the silver skeletons.Temple Knights need 48 end to roll with full mirdan, i think at 30 end with ROGS will let them roll.

2.after you collect the Crescent Falchion from 4-1, 2h it to increase physical damage. if you decide to beat 4-1 while your there get 16 magic when you get back to the nexus.

3. DO NOT use CSB, it simply sucks for this build, however use it to get lava bow so that you do not waste a CLB

4. do a crazy ass amount of farming for souls and ores. have ATLEAST 35 end by 1-4 then equip ROGS to wear brushwood if you decide to attempt to kill Biorr, on certain play throughs he switches his cross bow for MB, and has clever rats equipped, may just be my glitched disc but if its not, DO NOT PISS OFF BIORR if you already have brushwood. i tried to kill him while he was hyper and i was on a NR build (80+ vitallity) he was constantly 1 hitting me, EVEN with SC active - - its confirmed, its my horribly glitched disc

go about the game as you normally would, save 1-3 and 1-4 for last, in 1-3 free yuria and biorr. in 1-4, assuming you kill blue dragon while biorr helps, kill biorr after you talk to him and be ready to cry… cuz you just killed a person who is far beyond the description of badass lol. in 1-4 after dragon and biorr are dead, equip your new armour set, you should be leveling evenly, not focusing on 1 skill at once. go hurt your self a little, equip morion blade in right hand, ToB in left, you should have clever rats and ROMS equipped. when you hit hyper mode go kill bp ostrava and be ready to fuck allants couch. doing a stealth kill on allant (equipping thiefs ring and hiding behind a corner till you see him turn his back) with hyper HSA can almost 1 hit him, back off after you hit him smoke a spice and firestorm his ass. congrats, you just fucked the hardest boss's couch. time for ng +1. in ng your primary focus will be end, vit and your pushed ToB stats.

PvP…. there ARE people who invade even after lv 130, but not many. anyone making this build will most likely findone of these people, etiquette doesnt matter, cast RFS :) and cloak :) and fuck with the bp a bit. hell make it fun, do the instand GW glitch and SS glitches IF you know how to do them.


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