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Build summary A fun and challenging build that uses moon spear as well as magic with a Norse flavor.
Recommended starting class(es) Soldier; yes soldier don't ask questions just do it! Female is slightly better.... search for ****
Recommended Soul Level 124

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 40
Strength 18(26)
Dexterity 16
Magic 35
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand 1: +5 Moon Winged Spear /(Lava Bow mainly PVE)
Right Hand 2: Silver Catalyst
Left Hand 1: +5 Crescent Flamberge/(Uchigatana)
Left Hand 2: Rune Shield (if you dont care about rolling go 26 str for brushwood)

Extra eqpt: talisman of god, or talisman of beasts

Soul form: Foes ring/Thief ring/clever rats ring/cling ring(ring of great strength)
Body form: Dull rats ring/Clever rats ring/Graverobbers ring/Ring of magical sharpness(ring of great strength)

Armor: normal (no roll)
Head: Silver coronet (Brushwood)
Chest: Dull Gold (Brushwood)
Arms: Silver Bracers/Rouge's (Brushwood)
Legs: Dull Gold

Recommended spells/miracles

Death Cloud
Homing soul arrow/ignite

Evacuate/Hidden Soul
Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

1-1: You begin with equipment that does not allow you to roll, but with your spear shield combo you will largely be able to keep your shield up through the whole level, just be wary of fire. Make sure you get the cling ring and thief's ring when you can because they will be your main rings for awhile. Jump of the ledge and get the crossbow, it will come in handy for the dregling pit by ostrava.
Turpentine your weapon as usual and you will cream phalanx, just dont forget to drop your guard once in awhile to recharge stamina.
Use your souls to upgrade magic and intelligence to 10 (3 points total)
Put one point each in strength and dexterity (2 points total)
Split any remaining levels between vit, end, and int, you are going to want 20 vit and
Next WALK (dont run cause you cant) to 1-2 and immediately unequip all your armor, exit the tunnel to the bridge but dont step into the light; now run to the second item in the path (winged spear) pick it up, you will be hit by the fire but you will survive if you put at least one point into vitality and you are in body form still. Now get up and run to the first tower, heal reequip, and kill the enemies on top of the tower looting the wooden catalyst, nexial binding or run out (you will survive the dragon fire if you have full health).
Kill a few hoplites and upgrade your winged spear to +1-3 ish and learn flame toss.
If you have help, you can beat 4-1 now and open 4-2 for farming, if not proceed to 3-1.
Here you will need that upgraded spear for the mindflayers, if you feel you are not doing enough damage, spend a point or two in magic and flame toss them, or buy a short bow and arrows, you will want to start upgrading it to +7 using hardstones soon anyway. Go far enough in the level to loot the kite shield, silver catalyst, silver coronet, (silver bracers if female), rescue sage freke, and pick up black leather if you are sick of having a high equip weight or haven't put many points in endurance.
No need to defeat the doll yet but feel free to if you want.
Grab the crescent falchion in 4-1 if you havent yet.
At this point I recommend (kite shield and falch in left hand/Silver catalyst and winged spear in right hand)
Learn and memorize soul arrow and head to 2-1 with plenty of spices looted from 3-1.
Pick up as many sharp and hardstones as you can on your way to the armor spider, because when you are done you will want
the short bow+7 and moon winged spear +1. Soul ray the spider to death with the thief ring and crescent falc.
You may want to consider suiciding in the nexus to maintain white world tendency depending on your confidence.
Proceed to 2-2 and grab that Dark heater shield +2, this will be your best shield till you can get rune shield in 3-2, or
dark silver shield, or if you are going the strength route purple flame shield or large brushwood.
If you managed to not die in 2-2 in body form you are golden, get help defeating the flamelurker or help someone to get your body back and then get help to defeat the flamelurker. If you were careful then you will have pure white world tendency and the dragon bone smasher will be yours for the taking. Defeat dragon god by 2 handing the dragon bone smasher naked so you can roll and smash the rubble. Soul arrow it to death. YAY now learn fireball. Back to work. Upgrade dexterity to 16 strength to 14
Lava bow and Moon Spear in hand go to 5-1 demolish leechmonger with fireball (6casts in NG). Learn poison cloud, upgrade intelligence to 18. If you havent learned evacuate/rescued sage freke do that now (doesnt hurt to have world 4 be black if you die anyway.
Now if you are female (which i recommend) go to 5-2 and kill that one slug, wear the dull gold chest and legs evacuate, upgrade endurance so you can roll with your eqpt and parts of dull gold equipped.
Now finally go back and kill the doll work for pwwt, if you do not have it dont worry, head to 3-2 and loot the flamberge and in the process of grabbing the rune shield turn world tendency to pure black. Hopefully you can get the 2 chunks of moonlight and 1pure monlightstone from killing the lizard twice in pure black, because if you cant, you will have to get it on the old monks doorstep. Upgrade spear to +5 and begin making the flamberge into crescent +5 buy the sharpstones in 2-2 since you do not need any chunks. Farm the darkmoonstones in 4-2, hopefully you can get a pure from the lizard otherwise its in 4-3…
After that, work for pwwt (if its possible) in world 1 and get the brushwood set, I only use it for pve and work on leveling up until you can defeat Garl vinland and steal his shield, (and armor if you are male). Learn Death cloud and you are finished!

Now for the fun part!

Your stamina bar is your life here, begin with the Shield of choice and silver catalyst equipped, hopefully you can sneak up on them and cast death cloud, if you are invading you might be able to get a fireball off if you catch them flat footed if not dont worry about it. Switch to spear and shield. I know not many people like spears after level 100 but spears used correctly can still be effective. Managing stamina is crucial and delivering that fatal blow is truly rewarding. This build revolves around plaguing them and then hitting them with fireballs when they try to heal forcing them to cancel the action and roll then shielding while they drain their own stamina and retaliating with the spear.
So with your shield equipped assuming they are not using an axe, they swing at you and they do 30% or less damage to you while you do 100% damage to them. Ideally they are plagued so when they retreat to recharge stamina you equip your catalyst and fire a soul ray/arrow/fireball their way forcing them to roll while your stamina recharges, you then charge them and spear them to death. If they effectively heal, dont charge, heal your hp or mp and repeat.

Favorable matchups:
Magic katanas: they will try to two hand their katana and kill you in a flurry of blows, since your spear takes up less stamina they will probably die from their own initial assault.
Stealth/quick builds: Most dexterity builds will hardly be able to damage you, your biggest fear here is if they are able to bleed and plague you at the same time otherwise this build will only deal minimal damage to you while you impale them to death.

Unfavorable matchups:
Axes/heavy 2h builds: This is tough, your whole strategy is stamina, their whole strategy is hyper armor while they deplete your stamina and wreck you in two hits… stay away from them if you can and only close to execute a deathblow.
Faith build in Darksilver armor: This opponent can be defeated, but your magic damage is minimal, the crescent flamberge and spear should be your weapons of choice here instead of your catalyst it will simply be a battle between whose armor is better, if you are wearing the brushwood set and you have a lot of grass you stand a good chance depending on the weapon they have equipped.

More to come!
Feel free to leave constructive feedback, but I dont want to hear any "this build sucks" without an explanation or at least a way to improve it.
Thanks for reading!


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