Cheap'n Easy
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Build summary Not the best build but a very good one that requires very little effort to make.
Recommended starting class(es) Thief
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality **
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance **
Strength **
Dexterity 6
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

To start: Crescent Secret Dagger + 5 (easy to get at the start)
Later: Secret Dagger + 10 or the over-powered one-handed fire sword +5

Recommended spells/miracles

Firestorm (good for bosses/enemies that are strong to magic but weak to fire)
Second Chance/Warding

Gameplay tips and progression

I've been through the game many times and I thought this uses one of the most underrated items in the game, the dagger… which is trumped by the Secret Dagger.

This build relies on one of the easiest (yet strongest) weapons in the game to Obtain. The Crescent Dagger (or Secret Dagger) +5.


Daggers are extremely powerful when enchanted because you can get more hits in for a given amount of stamina. Because they attack quickly you will usually be able to strike first. The materials required to obtain this dagger are easy to gather at low level. For someone looking for more damage, the fully upgraded Dagger or Secret Dagger +10 allow for a higher physical damage output but will require additional items/spells to enchant.

These weapons do not require any specific stat which will allow flexibility in your given play style. Someone that cannot dodge effectively would do ok with some VIT or END. Someone who prefers more ranged attacks can obtain a bow or spell to their liking.

Killing the BPs are fairly easy with a dagger - as you can rely on stun locks / reposte attacks to finish the job. You may even be surprised how easy 5-3 is with a dagger (including BP Garland - dont forget to reposte).


Starting as a Thief is not the easiest Job to beat 1-1 as… but feel free to modify this depending on your play style.

The main point that I would like to get across is that once you get to 4-1, you can move past the skeletons easily with reposte attacks. This will allow you to obtain some darkmoon stones. Use the shortcut on the level to face Adjudicator early. This is the easiest boss in the game if you just time your attacks and then dodge around him clockwise to avoid the meat cleaver slash. You can kill him reliably with any weapon on any level using this technique.

On 4-2 you will get access to a bunch of darkmoon chunks thanks to the Crystal lizard and the Black Phantom. Once the blacksmith is unlocked in 2-1, it is easy to upgrade your secret dagger (3-1) to +6 which is required to start the Crescent path. The only iffy part is whether you can get a pure darkmoon stone from the lizard in 4-2. If not, you will hafto wait until after 4-4 to get the last upgrade. The Crescent Dagger +4 is going to get you through world 2 fairly easily as everything there is weak to magic attacks.


Obviously this build doesn't scale very well, but its well rounded with low stat requirements that will allow you to get through the game easily without any grinding or struggling to get past a particular boss where the better stuff lies.

Warning: The pure darkmoon stone is only a 'chance' to get, but its fairly common as long as you know where to look. Don't let those lizards escape.


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