The Breaker
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Build summary A high VIT and Defense build that breaks opponents armor and weapons because they can…
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 154

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 99
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 54
Strength 20
Dexterity 15
Magic 12
Faith 12
Luck **
Recommended equipment

LH1 - Steel Shield +10 -
Is second best in terms of guarding with 82, only second to the Tower shield with 85…but also weights 20+ lbs less than the Tower Shield :P
even though the Purple Flame shield has more fire res, The Durability of the Flame Shield coming in at 170 makes it second to the Steel Shield which comes in at 300
Out of the three The Steel Shield is the over all best for this build

LH2 - Silver Catalyst
its better than the wooden catalyst…enough said.

RH1- Scraping Spear
Helps tear away at the durability of the opponent eventually breaking their armor and weapons.
hence the build name "The Breaker"

RH2- Norther Regaila (pure white) (pure black)
because this is a VIT build The Norther Regaila's attack power is solely based on character tendency. This is key for the Build

Ring 1- Ring of great strength

Ring 2 - Eternal warrior's ring

Recommended spells/miracles

it helps The already massive Defense of this build to make it extremely tough for the opponent to do lots of damage at one time thus giving the user time to tear away at the opponent or heal up if need be.

side note: although 14 INT allows you for the second slot allowing you to equip warding. having INT at 15 allows you to cast it twice before having to refill your magic again instead of only once.

Second Chance - (thanks Dr Horrible for suggestion)

this add an additional 600 - 800 health for when your initial health is gone. so in really this adds another 600 - 800+ health to the already massive health you have. making it extremely tough for the opponent to finish you off with that much health.

side note: this needs 100 MP to cast so getting INT to 15 is a must.

Gameplay tips and progression

The idea for this build is to outlast your opponent while breaking the opponents stuff to the point where the weapons can't harm you and the armor will be completely shattered. making destroying the opponent that much more fun:D

The key for this is The high VIT and Defense. its good to make sure you have plenty of full moons, new moons, old spices, and ed's grindstone for this long battle.

The high END, allows you to not only wear the best armor but also allows you to have no speed penalty. this is key for when you need to refill your heath and magic.

The battle plan for This build is to break the opponent's armor and weapons with the Scraper spear and then finish them off with the Norther Regaila. it may seem like a pain or highly improbably to do this but i've done it plenty of times. and this is not just for katana users. this works on pretty much any weapon or armor. (i've broke them all lol)

The keys to making this work is

- always have warding on
with the high VIT it may not seem necessary but trust me its better to backroll to a safe place and refill the magic to keep casting this. when you can take a back stab and it only take 10% of your health. i would go for it every time.


- Always have second chance on
Second chance allows you to have an extra 600- 800+ of health after your initial health is gone making you very tough to finish. so you'll be able to recover get back to full health. once you do that you could cast this again making the opponents go crazy to have to do all this over again!

- Don't try to use up too much stamina
again remember this is going to be a LONG battle. so when you have the scraper spear out just try to get 2- 3 hits at a time then roll with the remaining you have left. then let the stamina bar refill and try it again. when you get stuck and the warding fails and you need to refill your magic.. your gonna be happy you had that little bit of stamina left.

-Heal first. attack second
Although its tempting to just want to keep attacking because of all the Health, its always better to be at 60 % and healing, rather than 20% and healing. trust me it will frustrate people that they've tried so hard to get you to the half way point and you just refill back to 100% again and also some people have a finishing move spell for when your health is just low enough so the trick to avoiding that is. make sure your health never gets that low. pretty simple.

- last but not least…BE PATIENT
I can't stress this enough. its a LONG BATTLE, everyone repeat, A LONG BATTLE. again the whole idea is to break the armor and weapons which takes time. but it will be rewarding when you can one shot them because of their no armor or shield :D

of course there is going to be someone who has all strength and all durability armor and weapons. so no i dont expect you to try and break that. too risky. that's why i have the Norther Regaila you can go strength for strength with them. and because of the high Def, high VIT and no speed penalty this will more than likely go to your advantage in the fight.

this is a fun build that frustrates opponents and makes them quit due to the idea that staying is not worth paying 10k- 30k to fix all their stuff XD so try it out have fun and tell me what you think.


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