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Build summary A Spear user using 2 Handed spears!
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 46
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 20
Dexterity 46
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment


Right Hand:

  • Sharp Winged Spear +5
  • Your personal choice

Left Hand:

  • Morion Blade (for that extra damage)
  • Talisman of Beasts


  • Gloom (gives that Knighty kind of look, but by all means go for Ancient King's if you prefer that)


Body Form:

  • Clever Rat's Ring
  • Eternal Warrior's Ring

Soul Form:

  • Cling Ring
  • Clever Rat's Ring (personal choice)
  • Friend/Foe Ring
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Second Chance/ Warding
  • Light/Cursed Weapon

Again it's just personal choice. I just go with SC and Cursed Weapon, i prefer them.

Gameplay tips and progression

As you can see, there is not much to say about this build. It's just an idea I came up with, because anything with spears in, my heart melts! And I personally LOVE Dragoons, so I thought what the darn, i'll make one! Now don't jump the gun until you have tried a spear (2 handed) with a nice juicy enchanment and hyper mode actived. I warn you, the damage is surprising!

Although the reason i have balanced Vit and Dex out is because there is more life, so i might not get 1 or 2 shotted. Gives me enough time to go into hyper mode. And that's when the real damage starts baby! It is around 550 or so a hit (with Cursed Weapon and hyper mode, with a +4… because I haven't been lucky enough to get a pure). And there is room for improvement as well. I haven't personally tried Warding, or Light Weapon… ever. So if you find that would yield more damage (probably) you will need to work the stats a bit so you can cast them.

Of course this build is directed at only one weapon type, so it has little variety, but spears are by far my favourite weapon in this game, 2 handed anyways >.>. But as you can see, you can easily change the build around to something more fitting, like a katana build, or a bow build!

Game Progression:

1-1 Temple Knight, 2 Hand the Halberd, make sure you can roll. Decimate anything in your path, buy the Short Spear (you might need it later), kill Phalanx, boom done!

Now go to 4-1, yep the usual, and pick up Crescent Falchion and tear up the place. That should get you some souls to level and upgrade and stuff :D. Then you need to go to 1-2 and pick up the Winged Spear (This is going to be made into a Sharp Winged Spear, so do NOT mess it up!). You can complete it if you want, I did. Then go to 2-1, kill all the miners while collecting the stones. Complete 2-1, you can try your hand at 2-2 if you want (If you can kill the Flamelurker with ease that is) If not, you need to upgrade the Short Spear with Sharpstones (as much as you can) And use the Sticky White Stuff on it to decimate the Flame Lurker (You can still roll can't you?).

Go and complete 2-3. Then go to Ed and make the +0 Winged Spear Sharp (if you have enough stones). Now Complete 4-2 (Easier said than done, the bloody blind git has bat radar!), get Second Chance. Complete 4-3 now. Then go and wail on the Penetrator while collecting Yuria, and get Cursed Weapon (or wait until 3-1 and get Light Weapon). Make sure you pick up some Turpentine though (Unless you prefer to use the Crescent Falchion, although the damage is going to be pathetic now), this will make the game much easier. Now go beat 3-1 collecting the Clever Rat's Ring, and the old goat Freke. Now I prefer to do world 5 (I usually ALWAYS leave world 3 for last, I just loathe it), so go do world 3 or 5, complete it (World 5 is insanely easier with Turpentine, or pick up Gloom Armour first). Go beat 1-4 yadda yadda. Before you complete the last world though, it's advised you collect some more Bladestones, so go do that (Check out the farming methods, so good!). And well, make Morion's Blade/Dupe it. Complete the game, get a buck load of souls. Go tear 4-1 and 4-2 apart, attempt to get a pure Bladestone. Make +5 Sharp.

And go and decimate PvP! Remember…. Hyper mode is your friend! Your BFF!

Also unless you don't want to roll, don't use the Gloom Helmet. I personally find it looks cooler without the helmet anyway. But if you want to use it, add 1 or 2 or 10 points in Endurance. Again it's an all around Dex build, except you're using probably one of the most underrated weapon classes in the game, but I cannot see why. Spears are amazing!

Happy hunting guys! Or… leaping like a frog into someones spine manically laughing when you kill some guy with a Blessed GA or noob hammer… and dying in the process… or not :D.


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