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Build summary a fun PvE build, DS reminds me of LoTR so i just went with it, PvE sniping character, capable of hyper mode. sl 225
Recommended starting class(es) Hunter
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 35
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 45
Strength 30
Dexterity 55
Magic 43
Faith 43
Luck 30-highest you can go is 40, slight diminishing returns after 25. its pointless after 40
Recommended equipment

Hiltless (Gripless) +5
Morion Blade
Kris Blade +5
Tearing/Sharp/Moon Uchi +5
White Bow +5
Sticky Compound Longbow +5
Lava Bow
Meat Cleaver - the only other heavy weapon im going to put in here, if you wanna add a blessed/moon/quality weapon such as a Great Axe, feel free im most likely going to next time i make this build.

Melee Setup:
RH1: Hiltless +5/BBS/MC
LH1: Tearing/sharp +5/MB
LH2: ToB or shield of your choice, just be sure you can roll.**
equip clever rats for this

**youll need to cast SC, Warding, and LW for this, so i recommend having ToG in RH2 and if needed, switch your shield for ToB for a sec to cast LW- DO THIS ONLY IF YOUR USING A SHIELD

Magic Setup:
RH1: Kris Blade+5
RH2: Morion Blade
LH1: ToB
LH2: DSS +5
equip clever rats if you wanna go hyper
equip RoMS

Range Setup
RH1: White Bow/ Sticky Compound Longbow +5
RH2: Hiltless+5 - in case something goes wrong and you must go toe to toe with them
LH1: ToB- strictly for miracles and cloak for this set up
LH2: Morion Blade
equip clever rats if you wanna go hyper
equip thiefs ring and cast cloak

Steel Shield +10
Knight Shield +10
PFS +10
BW +5
DSS +5
Adjudicator +5

White Arrows
Holy Arrows
heavy arrows- only use these if your WA's are in short supply

clever rats- trade out with ring of magical sharpness if you do not wish to use hyper mode
Thiefs ring- be able to snipe an enemy and not be seen, stacks with cloak
Ring of devout Prayer- optional
Ring of Herculean Strength - use only if you wish to carry more than 200 arrows.

swap out Leather set for black leather, 4 unit difference. later on in the game when you go to 5-2, grab the shaman's

there will be a few sets you can use:
Black Leather
Saint's/Venerable Sage's Robes

Items you need outside of the nexus:
Fresh Spice - you can buy 5 fresh for the price of 1 old from the once royal mistress.
Late Moon Grass - around 66
Full Moon Grass - around 33
Ed's grindstone - needed to repair the constantly breaking katanas about 7 will suffice for a few levels.
Secret Throwing Dagger/Kunai/Throwing knife
Sticky White Stuff

Special Notes
the white bow has horrible damage, its only good for its range, but it looks awesome though. WB +5 gives it 100 range.
SCLB +5 with WA's Does 1100 damage in hyper mode, very useful
BWS +5 has high HR, FR, and MR
there is 2 easy ways to get WA's.
1. augite of guidence causes the sparkly crow to give 10 WA's per augite.
2. dupe moonlight stone shards with a buddy, take them to sparkly crow, 20 shards yields 400 WA's, dupe moonlight stone chunks, and 20 chunks yields 1200 WA's, all easy ways to get ammo, however you can only have 1998 arrows total, 999 with you, 999 in storage

There is high lvl pvp, at lv 225 you will be right at the border of it, IF you do get invaded, kill SC some how, equip graverobbers ring, gain full health, cast cloak (remove all your gear that makes an aura, this can be an effective stealth build at times) wait ofr the bp to walk by you, lock onto them and walk very slowly back wards. if they go another way, pull out your hiltless and sneak up behind them, pull of a backstab. you can either go back into the shadows, or immediately cast LW on your hiltless and get ready.

Recommended spells/miracles

Cloak-stacks with thiefs ring, allowing you to snipe and be undetected
Fire ball
Light Weapon
Warding- if you decide to go hyper, cast this immediately when you see the hyper icon, this will allow to take a few hits without cracking SC
Soul Ray

Second Chance
Evacuation - farming only

Gameplay tips and progression

start in the tutorial with 2h your battle axe, go through as usual… when you get to the vanguard, lock onto him as soon as you walk through the fog gate. run up to him with your axe still 2h and roll under his right arm to avoid his attacks hit him 3 times then roll in whatever direction to avoid his attack. in 5 minutes he should be dead. hit the archstone and get ready to get raped by the dragon god.

beat 1-1 as a given. collect the PFS and RoGS from the dragon pit as well as the souls and grasses there also. go to 1-2 immediately after 1-1, dont talk to the monumental yet. collect the catalyst and CSB from here, free ostrava. when you get the towerknight 2h your axe on his ankles 4 to 5 hits each ankle should make him fall. if you spam R1 you should be able to almost kill him from his first fall. 4 hits to his ankles again will make him fall.

hit the archstone, talk to the monumental. consume the lead demon soul, grey demon soul from tutorial and all the souls you gathered in 1-1. talk to the monumental then go to the maiden in black when your finished, get 2 magic memory slots and dive into 3-1, rescue freke then give him idol demons soul and iron demons soul to learn soul ray and warding.

put a few souls into int and vit, keep faith and magic relatively close together so that you can have a pushed ToB. buy about 150 arrows. if necessary go to 3-1 to farm fresh spice from mindflayers till you have around 20, if needed buy a few from the once royal mistress (20 for 4k souls). head to 2-1.

cast SR on the scale miners and use luring tactics on the fat official. go through the level.. collect what you can.. unlock ed, repair your gear. skipping to boss. when you get to the boss, there is 2 safe spots where her fire balls cannot get you, figure out where these are and zoom in all the way with your CSB. about 40 arrows are needed. repair your gear in the nexus, go to 2-2 spam SR on flamelurker, he'll be dead in no time. gather the treasure there, go back to the nexus, and hit 2-3. equip thiefs ring and hide behind the pillars, grab the DBS if possible. 2h the stones blocking your path, run back behind the pillars and run straight down the path. repeat this proccess on the lower level. when you kill dragon god go to the nexus and learn cloak, forget about SR and buy 100 arrows from boldwin. go to 4-1 next. your major equipment needs are the crescent falchion, adjudicators shield, kilij, uchigatana and CLB. and ToG. equip thiefs ring and cast cloak to sipe the 1st skeleton. repeat until first fog gate. go up to where the skeleton archers are and you can snipe vanguard. go get crescent falchion after hes dead. if you run out of arrows and hes not dead get the falchion and 2h it and go melee him. the combination of bleed damage, physical and magic damage will kill him rather quick. go around collect kilij, uchi and any thing else you see. now back track slightly, there is a hall way that has a floor plate which sends spikes at you if it activated, hug the wall and go down the hallway. grab the compound long bow, and back track a bit again and go out side towards the sparkly crow. pick up augite of guidance and drop all of it in front of the tree. go back to where the vanguard was and enter the fog gate. no need to free blige yet but do it immediately after you beat 4-1. the black skeleton can a be a bitch to kill at some points, after you kill the 2 silver skeletons outside of the 'house', walk through the door and lock onto it and just dance around in front of him and he'll do a lunge attack, roll to you left or right depending what door you entered.DO NOT TRY TO BLOCK back stab him and spam 2h attacks on him while he's down. grab the Adjudicators shield, back track a bit and at the top of the stairs there is a ladder, climb it and retrieve the grass and SoEE. time for the gold skeleton, these bastards are weak to magic and you happen to have a magic weapon. lure it out and 2h him but have enough stamina to roll back, youll need it, he can 1 hit you but most likely it will take 2 hits. climb up the rocks and heal if you need to and wait for him to walk away to do a backstab and like before, spam r1 attacks on him. the next guy isnt hard to kill, hes on a larger area that you can roll around on and dodge him. try to get backstabs in and hit him AFTER his attack. when hes dead go to the the next pathway an lure that one. he will walk very slow use this to your advantage if you have any arrows left from ranging vanguard. lock on and start shooting arrows. once past him loot everything, theres a crystal lizard by the regenerators ring, kill it and grab it. theres a black skeleton in the next room, lure it out and perform backstabs. adjudicator is easy, 2h yer falchion, lock on the MC in his stomach and roll under his right arm when hes about to attack, 6 consecutive hits to his stomach will make him fall, this is a lot easier than trying to range him at a low sl. once hes dead grab the full moon grass and SoEE. you can either consume his soul or go to 2-1 and get the great club and make MC, either way it will be a bit before you can weild it anyway. go to 4-2, rescue urbain, get WB and get Makoto to get hyper mode.

this isnt really an 'advanced build' but im hoping you guys can figure out how to get BBS, you can also farm for a brokensword in 1-1. other than getting it in 5-2, you dont have to deal with the MC bp in 5-2 this way. i tend to get a lot of broken swords during some playthroughs.

if you do not want to have faith as high as magic, then bring it down to 18 atleast and this build will be sl 200, a high lvl pvp build.


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