Dex Samurai Sl 100
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Build summary sl 100 version of my samurai wizzard, uses sharp and moon wepons
Recommended starting class(es) magician
Recommended Soul Level 100 -120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 35
Strength 18
Dexterity 25 or 31 (31 if happy using ring of devout prayer for SC)
Magic 17
Faith 10 or 16 (if you dont like using ring of devout prayer)
Luck 11
Recommended equipment



LH 1 - Cracked TOB ( keep magic under 18 and you receive 1hp loss per second with CW)
or I Cat ( if usung LW)

LH 2 - moon or sharp uchigatana +5 / adjudicators shield +5

RH 1 - sharp uchigatana +5 / sharp Kiji +5 (kiji is great for two handing for a stun lock)

RH2 - moon uchigatana + 5

Armour - assasins hood, Gloom or DS chest pice, wizzard gloves, wizzard or leather boots
( you will need to play around wth pices depending on wich wepons you are using)

First things first…wepon selection…go with your sharp in Rh1 and moon in Rh2….if you see a faith build, DSS or any sugestion of magical defence light up your sharp wepon of choice and attack agresivley

if you see warding or a build that is week to magic (ie Mage) then go with the Moon Katanas…they go straight through warding and can kill mages in 3 or 4 hits

also you have the option to play defensivley by using warding istead of cursed wepon….combined with adjudicators shield and regen ring ( 12 hp per sec regeneration) or ring of magical nature (extra magic slot for warding and light wepon) ….i tend to two hand the kiji with this set up and go for the stun lock

Just to be clear to all the people out there who notice…this is not the strongest damage outputs you could have if you went down just a Dex rout for example if thats what u want go for a straight dex build………i like that this build offers two attack types for different situation in PvP


Body form

  • devout prayer (to use SC) or magical nature ( for warding and LW) / magical sharpness or cleaver rats ring

Soul form

  • cling ring / devout prayer ( can swap for foe or friends ring after casting second chance) or regen ring or magical nature
Recommended spells/miracles



  • cursed wepon and second chance
  • Light wepon and warding
Gameplay tips and progression


you can finde a walk through for this build in my Samurai Wizzard build that is also on the wiki.

if you want to go straight to sl 100 - 120 though you may not want some of the equipment listed on the Samurai Wizzard ( ie most of the equip from 3-1)

this build is manly built around the Katanas wich you can eaisly pick up the extra ones u need from the black skeletons in 4 - 1

any other questions feal free to post…..ill say again….i KNOW it is not the strongest but offers a bit of versitility with your attack types


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