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Build summary This dude is the most awesomest Spear user ever on Dynasty Warriors DESERVES TRIBUTE
Recommended starting class(es) temple knight
Recommended Soul Level 120-130 for PVP

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50-40
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 15
Dexterity 50-40
Magic 10
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Equipment for this guy goes as far as apearance so to stay sort of true to the character here goes.
Hair Pony Tail Black facial features Asian style a little yellow to the skin black or brown eyes young face.
Rh1: war scythe sharp +5/ winged spear sharp +5/ Scraping spear not for its effect because it looks cool
Rh2: Sticky Compound long bow +5 to stay true to character
Lh1: ToB (talisman of Beast)
Lh2: NOTHING. try to parry with bare hand this aint easy. but.. stays true to character or morion blade.
This is used to look as close to the original as possible.
Silver head band/ Leather armor/Kings Breast plate/Hard leather pants/any thin armor for arms nothing too bulky. If you have Dynasty Warriors make you own choices to make him look similar.
Rings Eternal Warrior CRR and DRR friend/foes ring (this dude is not for invading)

Recommended spells/miracles

spells cursed weapon.
miracles 2nd chance

Gameplay tips and progression

i have not finished this build yet plus im not in front of the game so im doing all this from memory. so something might be a little off.
The gear for this guy is easy enough to get minus ToB
Winged spear 1-1
Compound long bow 4-1
ToB 2-2 Pure black world
Morion Blade 4-3 demon soul upgrade
Silver head band 3-1
Leather armor buy 4-1 4-2
Kings Breast Plate 1-1
Hard leather pants buy 5-2

Get use to using this spear decide for your self if your going one hand or two or both. the bow is your only back up honestly its for PvE sniping. once you have figured out your style with it then apply cursed weapon. dont get used to using cursed weapon with this first your skills will be based on high damage instead of strategy, BAD! Zhoa Yun is known to be fast running attacks rolling attacks and the like. the bow is to annoy people into running up it works. this guy was a five tiger general and tigers are fiecest right befor death so screw healing when SC cracks take the hit and go for hyper mode one hitter quitter. with cursed weapon on IT HURTS BAD. I sat at home for maybe 3 hrs to perfect a bare hand parry it is hard but possible (and yes of course its more practicle to use a shield SO WHAT) if you get the reposit the damage is Nasty… however all the perfection in the world dies when lag hits. i have also noticed that if your connection is good the other person does not experience lag while if their connection is bad you will so you get lag and they dont it sucks! Just FYI
I dont think i need to put a guide on here if you need one i will post one.

I love putting characters from other games on any game that lets you create characters on Mortal Kombat i made 6 or 7 street fighter characters on it, it was awesome. so now im doing it on demon soul expect more DW (dynasty warriors) characters in the future Lu Bu the most. I have an empty PSN waiting on them.

thanks for reading if you have any build advice post it. tactful please.

this build is only at SL 60 right now under further testing fun so far


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