Blueblood Tank
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Build summary A build meant for being able to take damage and deal it out
Recommended starting class(es) Knight or Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 259+

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 35+
Will/Intelligence 25+
Endurance 35+
Strength 32+
Dexterity 32+
Magic 30+
Faith 30+
Luck 40+
Recommended equipment

Armor: * Fluted Set good defense not to heavy

  • Old King's Set very light moderate defense and good magic defense
  • Dark Silver set good defense, great magic defense, weighs you down

Weapons:* Blueblood Sword for the point of this build

  • White Bow for ranged
  • Talisman of Beasts for spells and miracles
  • Dark Silver Shield +5
  • Dark Steel Shield +5

Rings: * Cling ring for when in soul form

  • Ring of Great strength so you don't get weighed down to much
  • Ring of Herculean Strength to carry any extra items
  • Foe's or Friend's Ring for when in multiplayer
  • Resistance Rings depending on the levels
  • Clever Rat's Ring to do extra damage when hp is low
  • Dull Rat's Ring to get extra defense when your hp is low
  • Eternal Warriors Ring because you will need to use up and regain stamina quickly
Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: * Warding for good protection when you get overwhelmed

  • Firestorm to take out groups of enemies or lizards
  • Poison Cloud to take out bosses
  • Light or Curse Weapon to increase strength when needed
  • Waterveil to help when fighting dragons, fat officials, and bosses of the 2nd world
  • Soul Arrow to hit multiple enemies
  • Soul Sucker to help with leveling and killing BPs easily

Miracles: * Second Chance for PvP or Boss Fights

  • Gods Wrath to knock back surrounding enemies
  • Heal in case you run out of grasses
Gameplay tips and progression

As you level up which you will keep your strength and dexterity at about the same. Have your luck Higher than your strength and dexterity which gives you attack bonuses in both physical and magical attacks. Keep your magic and faith around the same as the strength to even out the damage types. Keep your vitality at a middle place for boss fights.

Blueblood sword: Forged with Pureblood ds and broken sword

Talisman of Beasts: Reward for killing Ostrava in the side quest or BP Scirvir drop

White Bow: 4-1 near Primeval demon, BP 1-4 drop



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