Vallarfax, Of The Twin Fangs
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Build summary A build speculating on how Vallarfax would have looked.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 143

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 70
Strength 40
Dexterity 15
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment


  • Rh1- Crushing Great Sword +5
  • Rh1- Crushing Claymore +5
  • Rh2- Scraping Spear
  • Lh1- Large Brushwood Shield +5
  • Lh1- Tower Shield +5
  • Lh2- Talisman of God

I believe that everyone is familiar with the Tower Shield Black Phantom in 4-1. My buddy and I have made speculations that this character could very well be Vallarfax. I'm not sure if this is correct but it seemed the most logical. So if you want to use the Tower Shield, then you can pump up the Endurance until you get the mobility with the Ring of Great Strength.

Here is the equation: a=base equip weight at each endurance level, b=added equip weight from RoGS, c=total amount of equip weight, d=amount you can equip and be able to roll; (An example) 50 Endurance with the RoGS

a (79) / 2 = 39.5
a (79) + b (39.5) = 118.5
c (118.5) / 2 = d (59.25)

I tried to make the equation as simple as possible. Hope that people use this when needing to find the equip burden.


  • Head- Brushwood Helmet
  • Chest- Brushwood Breastplate
  • Arms- Brushwood Gauntlets
  • Legs- Brushwood Leggings


  • Body Form- Eternal Warrior's Ring

- Ring of Great Strength

  • Soul Form- Cling Ring

- Ring of Great Strength

Recommended spells/miracles


  • None


  • Second-Chance
Gameplay tips and progression

Not much to say on the progression of this build. Most of the items you can obtain in world's 1-*. Use the wiki to find out where each thing is located. Have fun with it!!!!


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