Versatile PVE Build
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Build summary A versatile build that uses melee,magic,and ranged attacks to dominate in PVE
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 149

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 35
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 45
Faith 18
Luck 15
Recommended equipment

- Crescent Uchigatana +5
- Lava Bow
- Blueblood Sword
- Talisman of Beasts/Insanity Catalyst
- Dark Silver Shield +5
- Armor of your choice (something that doesn't affect agility preferably)
-Ring of magical sharpness
- Eternal Warriors Ring
- Ring of Great strength

Recommended spells/miracles

- Warding (absolutely essential to this build)
- Light Weapon
-Soul Ray
-Homing Soul Arrow
- Soul Thirst ( For farming purposes)

Use whatever else you want,but I find the above spells to be the most useful and practical for this build.Firestorm is good if you're getting mobbed,but I find its uses to be rather limited.

Gameplay tips and progression

The Royalty class makes getting through 1-1 a breeze,so feel free to farm red and blue eyes a bit to build up some supplies for later on.Once you beat 1-1,start pumping up your magic and intelligence,since magic will be carrying you through the early stages of this build.Once you're comfortable with those two stats,go to 4-1 and snag the Crescent Falchion and the Uchigatana,as well as the Compound Long Bow.Beat Adjudicator so you can open up 4-2 for farming souls and dark moonstones later.If at any point you find yourself getting smacked around,feel free to up your vitality and endurance,and start flushing out your Strength and Dex for your fancy new bow.Now,go to 3-1 and free Sage Freke.Flame toss takes care of the Mindflayers in a couple shots,so you shouldn't have any trouble with them.Once Freke is free,go and take care of Tower Knight in 1-2 so you can use its soul to learn Warding from Freke.Just use soul arrow,since magic really messes him up,or buy some Holy Arrows from Graverobbber and snipe him from the walkways above.Now,go to 2-1 and beat Armor Spider,since his soul will become the much valued Lava Bow in a bit.Now,continue on to 2-2 and get ready for the fight with Flamelurker.This guy is annoying at this stage of the build,but he can be beaten if you play smart.Equip The Ring of Flame Resistance you got earlier in the level,as well as any other gear you have that gives bonuses to Fire Resistance and the Thief Ring.Cast Warding as soon as you enter and get ready to start smacking Flamer with your Crescent Falchion.He should take heavy damage,especially if you have a decently high Magic stat.Dodge his attacks by watching his hands and rolling backwards,or taking distance and using magic and holy arrows.Once he's dead,go to Ed and give him the RH demon soul so he can forge weapons for you.The rest of the work involves farming ore and souls to upgrade your character and weapons.You can snag the Blueblood Sword and cast light weapon to really start dishing out melee damage or you can stick with a Cresecent Uchi for better consistent damage without casting LW.Once you reach level 149,you can decide to take the build in your preferred direction,since with a bit more work you can easily adapt to your chosen game play style and still have the versatility of the other two attack methods at your disposal. I prefer to mix and match depending on the situation,but often find myself casting Warding and LW on the BBS and comboing enemies into pieces or blasting them with Fireball/Homing Soul Arrow.


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