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Build summary Light Weapon Strength Build
Recommended starting class(es) Priest
Recommended Soul Level 122 |135

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45 | 50
Will/Intelligence 15 | 15
Endurance 40 | 40
Strength 40 | 48
Dexterity **
Magic 30 | 30
Faith 16 | 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

RH1:Crushing Claymore +5/Crushing Guillotine Axe +5
RH2: Talisman of God
LH1:Dark Silver Shield +5/Adjudicator's Shield +5
LH2:Insanity Catalyst

Rings: Body form:Eternal Warrior's Ring/Regenerator's Ring/Ring Of Magical Dullness/Master's Ring(Guillotine axe only)
Soul form: Cling Ring+Friend/foe ring

Armor:For male characters Ancient King's and for female ones binded set. You will be able to add some more weight, so if you dont mind some stamina regen penalty add a couple of heavier armor pieces.

Recommended spells/miracles

Light Weapon
Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

The two variants are invader and host, 122 is low enough to invade all and 135 is high enough to host.

Wardens are the protectors of what is good, and they are adept warriors that are familiar with the magic lore.

OK, so this build uses strength weapons combined with LW effectively. For beginners, I honestly recommend a regular Curse Weapon strength build because it is more straight forward but for the rest this build can really pack a punch and surprise.

45 | 50 Vit: so that you are competent enough for a melee build and can take a punch or two
15 Int: to be able to cast SC and LW
40 End:with claymore you forget about your stamina as you swing it around, so you need as much as you can have. With guillotine axe, you want the longest stun locks you can get.
Dex: No need to raise it unless you really really need to use Mirdan Hammer or Crescent axe, which would require 2 more points, but i would not do it.
30 Mag: So that light weapon can do lots of damage. The lowest to have it is 25 and above 30 it isnt so great.
16 faith: to cast SC
**Luck: no need for anything except BBS. So just get lucky.

In a build with this much strength, you can use any big weapon you like but I listed those two because they are the ones that benefit the most from LW. You can always take out Dragon Smasher or a GAxe when LW is gone and you dont think you will get an opportunity to get if back on. No point in Great sword against Dragon Bone Smasher unless you cannot handle the weight.

For me, there really are only 2 ways this build can go, 1 is claymore, and the other is guillotine ax.

A LWed claymore will crush any Blue Blood Sword user because of the range and will do the same or more damage than a NR. While LW is on stay close to people and use the claymore's range to your advantage
Guillotine Axe
My personal favorite, the guilly is a monster.It is easier with claymore or Great Axe but if you are familiar with short range weapons, then go this way. If you focus on this weapon, then go in body form and use Master's ring to add that 15% damage. That combined with LW and PWCT, 2-3 hits will kill a black phantom, so yeah it works.

Yes, you can even use moon weapons as a back up but i would advice against it.

This build works best for hosting, because you cast second chance, and then you get rid of the talisman, and equip a secondary weapon. This way you can carry Mr Clay and Mrs Guilly. Or if you really insist, Gaxe or DBS but like I said, for that use a regular STR build.

This build is as clean as it gets, it does not require glitches or exploits. No cracked talisman and no de-leveling.

As for progression, you should be able to get the few items required here and in the order it pleases you. Pump vit and endurance at first and then add the rest, this way things are easy with crescent falcion right at the start.
Farming greystone is not a big deal, since you only need 1 pure for claymore and 1 for guillotine axe considering you get one from Scirvir, you only farm 1 or what's smart get it in next NG.

Alright, that is all, hope you like it and would appreciate some feedback because I probably missed something.


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