Blueblood Swordsman
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Build summary A build that focuses on obtaining and using the BluebloodSword at maximum effectiveness ASAP.
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer
Recommended Soul Level

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 27
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 30
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 18
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Warding/Second Chance
  • Light Weapon/Curse Weapon
Gameplay tips and progression

A build that focuses on obtaining and using the Blueblood Sword (BBS) at maximum effectiveness ASAP. The royal can actually have more Luck at a given level while meeting the requirements for the BBS, but the Wanderer is second best and padded with a bit more Vitality and Endurance. The name of the game here is getting 18 each in Strength, Dexterity Magic, and Faith in as short a time as possible, so spend your soul levels toward these stats as you collect equipment.

At SL 35, you should be hitting just under 300 listed damage one handed with the BBS. Raising Luck at this point for damage is tempting but hold off a bit. Consider raising Strength to 22 for a Purple Flame Shield, then work on Endurance first. Get Endurance to at least 30 (only stop putting points in at 40, but you can take a break at 30) then work on Vitality until you hit 27 in it. You should be roughly SL 80 to 90 at this point. Now you are at a crossroads: you can spend a few SL in Intelligence to get more spell slots/MP to round out your character, or you can begin pumping Luck. Either way by about SL 120 you should be a hard hitting, spell and miracle capable machine with enough HP to take a hit or two in NG+.

Mini-Walkthrough for equipment:
After beating Phalanx (be sure to get the Thief's Ring, it'll help immensely later), head immediately to 4-1. Use your shield to block the Silver Skeleton then counter; your dagger is effective at dispatching them with a buff on it like Turpentine. The Wanderer's Falchion is too slow for the damage at this point, stick with your Dagger. Push on through and obtain the Crescent Falchion, Compound Long Bow, Adjudicator's Shield and Regenerator's Ring from here. If you feel brave beat 4-1 with your shiny new Crescent Falchion to open 4-2 for farming later. Take your new regen + magic weapon combo and head to world walk5-1. Two hand the falchion here to kill most enemies in one hit. Leechmonger should be cake, just get close and melee him in short bursts before backing off. Now on to 5-2. Keep your regen gear on to reduce the poison effect of the swamp as much as possible. Equip the Thief's Ring and collect the Broken Sword from the the swamp then sneak around the island with 3 depraved ones and 1 giant into the next area. Jump down in the swamp again and make your way into the shanty town. Once you make it past that fog gate jump back into the swamp and skip the first half of the shanty town by taking the farthest back platform back up into it from the swamp. Run or carefully fight your way to the boss gate through the remaining area and prepare for the colossus. The key to beating him is two handing your Crescent Falchion, keeping the bugs off of you, and never letting him hit you with a melee (the bug damage gnawing at you will be hard enough to manage). Anytime you are covered, use a torch to burn them off. Stay vigilant; this boss fight at this stage with this SL and equip is a battle of attrition. Once you have killed him return to The Nexus and buy plenty of arrows for your Compound Long Bow. You should not need more than 200 or so but 400 is a good safe number. You are going to arrow Maiden Astraea to death. Enter the boss area and backstab the depraved ones off the cliff or kill them. Stand on the edge of the wooden platform on the far right and snipe Maiden Astraea from here. Stay persistent and arrow her constantly; she will heal and overcome your damage but she'll stop for extended periods between the spells, allowing you to gain enough ground to kill her.. I comboed over 5 times her normal HP from shooting her so much in my run. Ignore Garl Vinland for now (or take his shield for a good shield early) and grab the Pureblood Demon's Soul. Congrats! You now have all mats for the BBS. Use your Crescent Falchion to blast through 2-1 and 2-2 and go make your weapon at Blacksmith Ed after killing Flamelurker.


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