Northern Regalia (SL 120, PVP)
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Build summary A straight forward Northern Regalia vitality build.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 86
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 30
Strength 20
Dexterity 14
Magic 12
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand:

  • Northern Regalia (hence the title, get pure black/white tendency for 540 attack rating)
  • Dragon Knight Sword +5 (use it if you want to either quickly mow down your opponent's HP or your Character Tendency is not pure)

Left Hand (choose any of the following):

  • Dark Silver Shield +5 (magic protection buff and 100% damage reduction against physical and magic)
  • Talisman of Beasts (for casting Second Chance and Warding)
  • Morion Blade (+60% damage when in hyper mode, stacks with other damage enhancements)

Rings (choose any of the following):

  • Body Form: Clever Rat's Ring, Dull Rat's Ring, Eternal Warrior's Ring, Ring of Magical Dullness
  • Soul Form: Cling Ring (since you have high HP this may not be required), Friend/Foe's Ring, Clever Rat's Ring

Armour (feel free to mix):

  • Men: Ancient King's Armor, Dark Silver Armor, Gloom Armor, Black Leather
  • Women: Binded Cross, Gloom Armor, Black Leather


  • Full/New Moon Grass (due to high HP you will need more expensive grass)
  • Fresh Spice
  • Widow's Lotus (for those death cloud/baby's nail users)
Recommended spells/miracles


  • Second Chance

Spells (you can only remember one due to 15 intelligence):

  • Warding (to slow down strength/dex builds)
  • Homing Soul Arrow (to the opponent)
Gameplay tips and progression

Grab the Crescent Falchion +1 in 4-1 and work your way through the game (you may also get the Dragon Long Sword +1 in 2-2). Level up your Vitality to at least 20 and then proceed to meet the other stats (have second chance as a priority). Remember to collect the mausoleum key from Ostrava to get the Demonbrandt so you may forge the Northern Regalia with the Soulbrandt from Allant (under the nexus).

The earliest you will only see yourself using the Northern Regalia is at NG+ and beyond, so keep using the Dragon weapons or the Falchion until you get the Northern Regalia.

To keep your Northern Regalia at top performance, maintain your Character Tendency so that it is pure black/white. If your CT is pure black and you wish to go to pure white, your Northern Regalia will weaken as your tendency shifts away from pure. Because of this, your Dragon weapon will be more useful to you the more closer your Character Tendency is to neutral.


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