Duncan, Leader of the Grey Wardens
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Build summary A representation of Duncan, the Grey Warden from the Dragon Age: Origins game.
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer (starts with a high Dexterity)
Recommended Soul Level 119

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 40
Strength 30
Dexterity 50
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

This build is only going to REPRESENT Duncan. All in all, this build is mainly a Dexterity build. So use it however you want.


  • Rh1- Penetrating Sword +5
  • Rh2- None
  • Lh1- Sharp Secret Dagger +5
  • Lh2- None

None of the armor really looks like Duncan's armor. So here is the easiest alternative.

  • Head- None
  • Chest- Fluted Armor
  • Arms- Fluted Gloves
  • Legs- Fluted Leggings


  • Eternal Warrior's Ring
  • Whatever you want


  • Eternal Warrior's Ring
  • Cling Ring
Recommended spells/miracles

No spells/miracles

Gameplay tips and progression

After completion of World 1-1, continue the game however you see fit. You can get the Fluted Armor and the Secret Dagger in 3-1 and the Penetrating Sword in 1-3. Other than that, just get you Vitality/Endurance up first so that you can pour into Dexterity later on. This probably isn't a good build but I made it regardless.


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