Paladin (Revised)
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Build summary A strong Faith/Blueblood Sword build that resembles Cecil from FFIV.
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 128

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 36
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 35
Strength 20
Dexterity 24
Magic 18
Faith 36
Luck 25
Recommended equipment

This is the new and improved Paladin. Enjoy!

Rh1- Blueblood Sword || Blessed Knight Sword +5 || Istarelle +5
Rh2- White Bow +5
Lh1- Dark Heather Shield +5 or Dark Kite Shield +5
Lh2- Talisman of God/Talisman of Beasts

Head- Silver Coronet
Chest- Dark Silver Armor
Arms- Dark Silver Gauntlets
Legs- Dark Silver Leggings

Body1- Ring of Great Strength
Body2- Ring of Sincere Prayer || Eternal Warrior's Ring
Soul1- Ring of Great Strength
Soul2- Cling Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

- Warding

Miracles: (Any Miracle of your choosing)
- Anti-Magic Field
- Cure
- Evacuate
- Heal || Recovery
- Regeneration
- Second-Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

Once you are done with the character creation, enter the Tutorial level. I always do this level because you can get quite if a lot of souls after defeating the Vanguard, as well as, a number of healing items and upgrade materials. After you beat World 1-1, you should start putting stats into Strength, Faith, Vitality, and Endurance. You should definently focus on obtaining the Blueblood Sword's required stats ASAP!!!

To obtain the Blueblood Sword:

  1. Defeat Maidan Astrea (5-3) and get her Demon Soul (Pureblood Demon Soul)
  2. Have a Broken Sword (obtained in either 1-1 or 5-2) and use it to upgrade with the Pureblood Demon Soul

You can farm the Crystal Lizards in World 5 for the Faintstones needed to get the Blessed Knight Sword as well as the Shamans in that level. When I get done creating this new version and testing out the PvP, I will add it onto the this page. I must thank Astrichtyes for making me do all of these changes. I hope that this build will go up instead of down now. Please leave any comments below reguarding weapons, armor, rings, spells/miracles, or stats.

It is possible to reach Soul Level 128 in the first New Game. It may require quite a bit of Farming but it is worth being prepared. Please contact me through Private Message on this wiki, username DemonFyre, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. This build may have PvP qualities but they need to be testes. I plan on doing this and I will get back to you. Chao!


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