Nyxd's LW Dexterity Build
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Build summary Dexterity build utilizing Light Weapon
Recommended starting class(es) Male Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 124

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 43
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity 35
Magic 30
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

LH1: Shield/Weapon of Sharp upgrade path
LH2: Insanity Catalyst

RH1: Sharp weapon
RH2: Talisman of Beasts/Talisman of God

Sharp weapons you may want to consider are : Uchigatana's, Kilij, Estoc, Winged Spear, War Scythe, Secret Dagger, Claws.

Armor: Old King Doran's. This build has a greater stat requirement than most others, and special considerations were made to keep it in PVP range. Explanation of Vitality and choice of armor are discussed below.

Rings: Cling + Foes/ Friends in soul form.

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles: Second Chance
Spells: Light Weapon

Gameplay tips and progression

First and foremost, this is a PVP optimized build. However, it'll do well in PVE because of Light Weapon. Being as enemies in this game are especially sensitive to magical damage, Flamelurker, Tower Knight, Penetrator, and even Allant will be a touch easier.

This build was born both out of my love for katanas, and out of my personal crusade against cracked Curse Weapon, which is
A) Uninteresting
B) Made overpowered through stacking World tendency, and character tendency.
C) Did i mention it is boring as hell, it kills everything with a backstab.

The alternative buff is Light Weapon, one that is usually reserved for the BBS because of its built in magic damage, but it can work great on pure physical weapons too. Through smart stat planning (Hint: i've done it for you) you can build a LW dexterity build that matches the effectiveness of Curse Weapon in several respects, and exceeds it in others.

43 Vitality: The crux of this build, this vitality landmark combined with the Old King armor will save you from one very important weapon, Cursed Kilij: A very fast, very powerful short range weapon normally capable of 2HKO'ing. With 43 Vitality and Kings Armor, it take 3 R1(rolling,running, or swiping) hits to take your SC, and 4 hits if it is unbuffed.
This combination will also save you against several other borderline OHKO weapons, like a backstab from a blessed great axe.
Without King Doran armor, you would need 50 vitality to survive these attacks. Tested against 50 dex/ 50 strength under Neutral World Tendency. If there is interest I can discuss this at greater length.

15 Intelligence; 100mp for Second Chance/ Light Weapon
18 Strength: Enough to wield a Katana in one hand.
40 Endurance: Maximum Stamina, you will need it especially if you choose Katana's.

35 Dexterity: Diminishing returns on Dexterity occurs at 30, but in my testing I found the additional 5 to be helpful. 35 dex gives you 300 AR out of a Sharp Uchigatana, only 25 short of its 50 dex counterpart, and with a powerful buff to boot.

30 Magic: This is where the power of Light Weapon comes from, 30 Magic is the point of diminishing return for Light Weapon casted by an Insanity Catalyst (Which is so much stronger than Light Weapon from Talisman of Beasts, please don't use that)

16 Faith: 2 Miracle slots for Second Chance, standard.

1) A hard counter to Warding, which will stop none of the magical damage of this set. For pushlockers you can switch to a crescent left hand katana and slice right through warding. Sharp will always outdamage both moon and crescent with these stats, so choose the alternatives only when you know you are up against a warder.
2) Greater damage than curse with small weapons. You still get comparable damage with midsize weapons (Kilij, Uchi etc.)
3) Increased damage against mages, anything wearing a tornado hat or kris blade.
4) Push damage, this set really shines when using pushlocking weapons, enemies will take both the magical damage of the buff from the push attack as well as the offhand attack, thus, they die very quickly. A single pushlock can turn a whole game around.

Compared to its curse weapon counterpart,
- It will not OHKO on a backstab without direct hit damage, bar estoc. You will have to hit your opponent once or twice before a backstab will take Second chance.
- Damage will not stack as well according to World Tendency and Character Tendency. For the PVPers, this isn't t a problem because good hosts will have neutral worlds.. Direct hit damage will not multiply as well.

Summary: This is a very precise, streamlined build designed to output the most damage possible, without making defensive sacrifices. It is setup with enough vitality to survive one of the scariest spam weapons in the game (Kilij) without losing the offensive power which makes it so great, the deadliness of pushlock also can't be emphasized enough, and is truly where this build goes head and shoulders above curse weapon.

Take home points that can be applied elsewhere: Loss of vitality can be offset somewhat by strong armor, not so useless after all!


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