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Build summary a fun, PvE focus, regen build can also be used for hosting (hence sl 135)
Recommended starting class(es) Royal
Recommended Soul Level 135

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 46
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 40
Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Magic 30
Faith 30
Luck **
Recommended equipment


Old King Dorans Set (Subject to change)


Right Hand: Phosphorescent Pole +5/Blessed Mirdan Hammer +5
Left Hand: Talisman of Beasts/Adjudicators Shield +5


Body Form: Regenerator's Ring/Fragrant Ring/Eternal Warrior's Ring
Soul Form: Cling Ring/Regenerator's/Eternal Warrior's Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: (mix and match)

Soul Arrow
Fire Storm
Homing Soul Arrow
Poison/Death Cloud


Second Chance

Gameplay tips and progression

This build (along with any other build i might ever put up) is for fun. I like to make builds that will get me through PvE and that fit to a certain flavor. I'm not a big PvPer and it only happens if i get invaded or if my host gets invaded (when being a blue) therefore if you looking for the next PvP meta build, look elsewhere, but if your like me and you've tried most of the top builds and wanna try something new, then read on.

This build as you can see is designed to regen. Its somewhere in between a spellsword and a faith build, and not as good as either of them. Between your Adj. Shield and your regen ring you'll be netting +12hp/sec (+18hp/sec with your blessed weapon out) and 1mp/sec with your Phos. Pole (and an additional +1mp/4sec with Fragrant Ring) Fragrant ring however will most likely be replace by your Eternal Warriors's Ring. The small amount of mp regen the ring gets is usefull early, but once you get the Phos. Pole, it doesnt really make much of a difference. In addition, the EW Ring is not only extremely useful, but then your character will be regenerating hp/mp/stamina making it a true Regenitus (again flavor) In PvE regen is useful. is saves on a lot of grass/spice and on countless souls. It makes the trek for a beginner a little more bearable. However in PvP (and even in some boss battles in PvE) regen usually doesn't make much of a different. PvPers deal to much damage for the regen to counteract, and they, as well as boss battles, usually don't last long enough for the regen to really kick in. if you do get invaded, thats what your Blessed Mirdan Hammer is for. The extra regen will help but the big thing is that its the freaking Mirdan Hammer. Any PvP you win will be because of this and its broken moveset stunlock. In PvP or PvE never be afraid to use grass or spice (this goes especially for PvP) yes you do regen, but grass and spice always regens a lot faster, and you should have saved enough of both that you can easily afford to be generous with them when the time comes. Istarelle is also a plausible choice. the poison/plague resistance can be useful in PvP as well as places like the dreaded 5-2 in PvE. it also scales with Faith allotting you a good chunk of damage, however it has no regenerative capabilities to it. You can also make a Crescent Weapon if you feel the loss of mp regen from switch from the Phos. Pole will really affect you, it just cant be a pole/spear weapon, which really is your life saver in PvP, but again its up to you.

An additional way to play this as its always fun for most any build is in Hyper Mode. The extra defense at low health will mix well with your regen. you'll be taking less damage allowing your regen to catch up faster. this is made doubly so (bad wording?) when coupled with Warding. Just know that with your constant regen (and a good amount of it at that) that you wont be in Hyper Mode long. So if you want to try it out, id recomend just using the Dull Rats Ring for your defense.

Lastly i should note that while this is a good build for beginners, those of you on your first trek through should try this build after. If you've already beaten the game once or twice then you're perfect for this build. i only mention this because in order to get the Phos. Pole you need to get world 3 to PBWT and kill BP Rydell, which for a new person can defiantly be a challenge. and if you want to get all 10 Colorless Demons Souls in one play through you need to get all the worlds to PBWT and going through each one at PBWT (and you probably have PBCT as well making it that much harder) is a good feat to cross as a new person (and even an experienced person). that said i would recommend getting only the 5 easy ones (not PBWT required ones) and then getting those same 5 the second play through. you can either dump all 5 into one or split them 3 to 2 between Adj. Shield and Phos. Pole.


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