Easy NG PvE Melee
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Build summary Breeze through your first playthrough (melee)
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 56

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 25
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • RH1: Dragon longsword +5
  • RH2: Crescent falchion/Blessed mace/anything you want
  • LH1: Adjudicator shield +5 (or Dark Silver Shield +5 — raise STR to 16)
  • LH2: Wooden catalyst / Talisman of God (alternate as needed, or use the Talisman of Beasts if not using attack magic spells)
  • Head: Silver coronet (for extra MP to cast Second Chance if needed)
  • Armour: any armour that allows you to roll fast: black leather, binded set, etc.
  • Rings (soul): cling ring / thief ring
  • Rings (body): thief ring / regeneration ring
  • Items: grass, spice and lotus
Recommended spells/miracles
  • With 2 spell slots, you can memorize Warding, or Soul Ray + Water veil (for some bosses)
  • With 2 miracle slots, you can memorize Second Chance
Gameplay tips and progression

After beating 1-1 and talking to the Monumental, you can do one of the following things immediately:

  • Head to 5-1, pick up the Talisman of God, pick up the Blessed mace+1 and return to the Nexus;


  • Head to 4-1, pick up the Talisman of God, pick up the Crescent falchion +1 and return to the Nexus;

You now have a very good weapon for the beginning of the game. You should now head to 3-1 and pick up lighter armour to replace your heavy armour (if you picked Knight, Temple Knight or any class with heavy starting armour) so you can roll. You also find a Wooden catalyst there (though there is one early in 1-2 as well). After that:

  • Learn and memorize (if needed) Soul arrow. If you have enough INT, also memorize Water Veil.
  • Head to 2-1. You can now clear Stonefang tunnel easily. Your blessed mace and/or crescent falchion will be very good against the enemies in 2-1 and 2-2, and you can cast Water Veil against the bosses and spam Soul arrow (or melee them with your magic weapon) and they'll go down fast.
  • In 2-2 find the Dragon longsword +1. After clearing all of Stonefang tunnel, you should have enough Dragonstone to fully upgrade it to +5 (enough chunks and pure at least). If you're missing some Shards, you can buy them from the vendor in 2-2 or farm them from the bearbugs.
  • Congratulations, you can now tear through all of the game using only your dragon longsword +5. You can raise your faith high enough to get Second Chance, and/or you can use Warding as defensive buff (switch between catalyst or talisman if needed — you can also use the Talisman of Beast if you only use Warding or cloud spells, but you can't use magic attacks like Soul ray without having the stats).
  • You can then spend all of your levels raising Vitality and Endurance. If you want a better shield to block with than Adjudicator (which is only for the passive regeneration, don't try to block with it), you can upgrade your starting Kite shield, or just use the Dark Silver Shield by raising your STR to 16; other than that, just keep pumping END (never go higher than 40) and VIT until you beat the game.

Keep in mind: after you've beaten your first playthrough, New Game+ is significantly harder. Your dragon long sword can still get you through many situations (many bosses are weak against fire), but by the time you're in NG+ you can now focus on making one of the more optimized builds you can find on this wiki (such as DEX, STR, FAITH, BBS, etc.). If you want to PvP at level 120, the stats above are not incompatible with those builds, so you won't need to de-level anything.


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