Lunar/Solar Armsman
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Build summary Magic weapon using character that uses Magic (Lunar) and Fire (Solar) to destroy opponents in PvE and PvP (Still in the editing process, please comment!))
Recommended starting class(es) Any, as long as it fits in these restrictions, and less luck is better :-)
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 44
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 35
Strength 20
Dexterity 13
Magic 40
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment


Head: Silver Coronet (for the extra magic juju) or Old Monk's Collar (You might as well scream "I'M A MAGE!!!", but the damage is nice if you can take the pain) or the head piece for the sets listed below.
Body: Venerable Sage's Robe/Shaman (Male) or Binded Cross/Rogue (Female)
Hands: Venerable/Shaman or Binded/Rogue
Feet: Venerable/Shaman or Binded/Rogue

I choose the above armor sets because I want this build to be able to dodge effectively, while still having ok-defense. I haven't done the math yet, but I'll try to narrow it down to just one or two sets, based on how much defense I can get without going over half of my Equip Burden.


Right Hand 1: A Magic Weapon
Right Hand 2: A Magic Weapon
Left Hand 1: Talisman of Beasts
Left Hand 2: Dark Silver Shield

Soul Form Rings

Ring 1: Friend/Foe ring
Ring 2: Cling ring

Body Form Rings

Ring 1: Ring of Magical Sharpness - extra magic damage
Ring 2: Eternal Warrior's Ring - since stamina is pretty low

Weapons to consider: (* = highly recommended)

Great Axe - With un-interruptable attacks, some killer combos, and high damage, the Great Axe is a great Dragon weapon to use if you don't love the Guillotine Axe like myself.

Moon Great Sword - Has a lovely knock-back which gives time to munch some spice/grass or prepare for your next strike, as well as a low sweep which punishes those who try to roll to the left/right of you. It also boast's the highest damage on any Moon weapon, but also consumes a TON of ore (2 pure!!!), so it can be hard to get, especially on your first run.

Kris Blade - Increases magic damage, and decreases magic defense. Not very strong on it's own, although it's magic hits scale with your magic stat, it can boost your magic damage by a huge amount. Dangerous to use against other magic users, and hard to fit in with this build's play-style, It can still be fun if you want to be more of a mage-like character.

Rings to consider: (* = Highly recommended)

Clever Rat's Ring - For hypermode. (Increased weapon attack rating by 50% when health is less than 30%)

Dull Rat's Ring - For survivability against high damage opponents. (armor protection rating increased by 50% when health is less than 30%)

  • Ring of Magical Nature - Extra spell slot, see my Tip in the Magic/Miracle section for more info.
Recommended spells/miracles

Homing Soul Arrow - Great because it can be set up before hand and acts on it's own, allowing you to attack or whatever you need while it works it's magic (not a pun) (or is it?). It's true that experienced player can easily dodge it, but the point of this spell is that you can use your normal attacks to force your enemy into the position of either dodging your attack and getting hit by the arrows, or dodging the arrows and getting smacked by your weapon, a decision which always ends with a hit of some sort. Win - Win. Not so great against anti-magic people, but we'll get to that in a moment.

Fireball - Remember those anti-magic people I talked about a while ago? This spell is for the ones who eat your Homing Soul Arrow and spit it on your shoes without flinching. A tip you should remember for later, which I have said before and will say again: Magic Defense does not protect against Fire, whether from a weapon or a spell. Plus, the wide explosion radius and staggering of this baby makes it great for use against enemies who have fallen and are trying to get up. Be careful, though, because if you use this tactic too well too many times in a row, your enemy will be very, very cross with you.

Also consider using:

Fire Spray - Quick and easy (cast-able while moving), but without a real bite. Good for forcing your enemies to come closer or pursuing those who flee before your awesome might. You can also combo it with other spells. For instance: By casting Fire Spray over and over on your opponent early on in a duel before having used any other spells, you can fool him into thinking that the only spell you use is Fire Spray. Couple this with running away a lot and eating lots of useless grasses and spice. Then, WHAM!, in the middle of a "predictable" Fire Spray chain, quickly change to and cast a different spell, such as Fireball. Even if your opponent dodges it, they should be fairly disoriented. If you've been acting cowardly like I suggest, now is the time to unleash your skill and switch to "Shoot-to-Kill" mode. Experienced players might see through your ruse, but the timid and/or inexperienced will be very confused and vulnerable.

Soul Ray - One of the simplest spells in the book. It has a fast cast time. Piercing can go through enemy shields and multiple foes.
It can be dodged fairly easily, but it's very nice against slow, clunky opponents who cant move/roll out of the way fast enough. This makes this spell very nice against heavy shield users, such as turtles; especially those Purple Flame Shield users who eat your Fire spells for breakfast, with a side of health bar.

Cloud spells (in general) - These spells come in 3 varieties: Acid, Poison, and Plague. Acid reduced weapon/armor durability, which is largely useless in this build unless your a troll. Poison and Plague infect your targets with a Damage over Time effect that lasts a specific period of time. Poison has a shorter duration compared to Plague and does less damage, but only fills 1 spell slot. Plague, on the other hand, is much longer and more powerful, but also costs 2 spell slots, making it largely unviable for this build. Poison/Plague reduce healing, which helps with grass munchers. For this reason, I'd recommend Poison in those situations in which your facing an opponent who likes to eat a lot of grass, which can be very, VERY, annoying. Use it if you like, but it does not have a definite place in this build.

Tip: Small (1 spell slot) spells like Soul Ray, Fire Spray, and Poison Cloud can be equipped with my recommended spell list by equipping the Ring of Magical Nature in place of the Eternal Warrior's ring. However, be warned: without the Eternal Warrior's Ring, your endurance will have a hard time recovering, especially if you use heavy weapons. If you edge on the cautious side, then stick to lighter weapons while in this mode. If you feel skilled enough (or edge on the riskier side of things) then you can still use heavy weapons without the Eternal Warrior's Ring.


Second Chance - Insane survivability. When you die, you come back with 50% of your health, which is verrryyy useful. Always keep this baby on. Other Miracles are possible, but none I've seen are anywhere near as good as this one.

Gameplay tips and progression

This build is focused on being prepared for any type of opponent and shifting your tactics accordingly. The Lunar/Solar aspect comes in as the duality between pure magic weapons and spells with fire magic and spells. Using them both allows you to more effectively take on a variety of baddies.

Listed below are my reason's for the main weapons in the build. Feel free to move things around to fit your play style. Northern Regalia is really the only one I consider mandatory, but before you beat the game you can just go with a Moon weapon. The Epee rapier is an interesting alternative to a Dragon weapon, such as my Guillotine axe. If you feel like you want to pump more points in magic, the rapier happens to scale quite nicely with it, making it a viable option.

Talisman of Beasts- Standard for casting your spells. Talisman allows for miracles and spells, which is mandatory for this build. Insanity catalyst is a possible alternative, but this build lacks the Int needed for having it reduced by half, and the Insanity Catalyst can't cast miracles like Second Chance, so you'll need to menu switch between this and a Talisman in order to use them.

Dark Silver Shield - Standard anti-magic shield. Good against a variety of opponents. You don't have to worry about the decreased spell damage, since you should never be casting any spells when this is out.

This build can be modified to work at a variety of Soul Levels. Make sure you keep the Str at 20, Dex at 14, Mag at 12, and Faith at 12 for the Northern Regalia, if you choose to use it. Also, keep the Int at least 24 for Homing Soul Arrow and Fireball.


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