MC, Uchi and White B. Build :)
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Build summary Bow for long range, MC for big damage and Uchi for combos
Recommended starting class(es) Royal
Recommended Soul Level 122

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 40
Strength 30
Dexterity 44
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand Weapons:
*RH W.1 = Sharp or Tearing Uchi +5 or MC
*RH W.2 = Sharp 0r Tearing Uchi +5 or MC

Left Hand Weapons:
*LH W.1 = Adjudicator's (to put on ur back for regen) or Dark Silver (if u wanna use a shield) or any talisman (for Second Chance)
*The decision is up to u, I personally like the adjudicator on my back
*LH W.2 = White Bow (use Heavy or Holy Arrows)
*If u do use either of the shields above, before every PvP match or game lvl just equip any talisman and cast SC, u can also do this every time u die too (have fun trying in PvP :P)

*Assassins armour/suit (if u wanna look badass, use officials cap instead of assassin's mask ;)
*A mix between King Doran's Armour and Assassins armour/suit to allow rolling

Recommended spells/miracles

*SC or can be alternated with Evacuate before farming

*who the fuck needs magic when u have a bow??? (screw enchanting weapons for this build)

Gameplay tips and progression

Combat Tips:
In General:
*ROLLING IS UR LIFE, NEVER NOT ROLL (seriously, u don't have very powerful armour so roll to dodge)
*Only block if ABSOLUTELY necessary (if u prefer to not use shields)

In PvP:
*Don't give anyone a chance to enchant their weapons (if ur not in a tourney)
*Don't get hit and or stuck in another's combo :D
*2h ur Uchi for best results in one on one

This build was designed to utilize the Sharp or Tearing Uchigatana for the powerful combos it can create and to crush others under the power of the Meat Cleaver while being able to kill others from afar with the White Bow. If u really don't like the idea of bows, then do not raise ur STR to 30 but keep it at 26 and boost DEX up by 4 for a little damage boost. If u REALLy want to be able to enchant ur weapons and don't lik bows, then keep STR at 26 and raise ur MAG by 2 to increase the power of Light Weapon and ur Will by 2 to increase spell capacity. This also means that u'll need catalyst to perform LW or the wand-thingy (forgot its name) that does both Miracle and Spells.


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