BlueBlood Scraper Troll
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Build summary Low level PVP build (30) Utilizes BBS Build w/Scraping Spear. Made to annoy, then destroy. VERY effective
Recommended starting class(es) Royal
Recommended Soul Level 30

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality **
Will/Intelligence 15
Endurance **
Strength 18
Dexterity 18
Magic 18
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand:

  • Blue Blood Sword
  • Scraping Spear

Left Hand:

  • Dark Silver Shield+5

*Talisman of Beasts

This Armor set is most effective defensively. You can mix & match if you wish:

  • Assassin's Mask
  • Black Leather
  • Black Gloves
  • Leather Boots


  • Soul form: Eternal Warriors Ring & Cling Ring
  • Human form: Eternal Warriors Ring & (2nd Ring is up to you, doesn't matter)

Note: You can Replace Eternal Warriors Ring in soul form with Ring of Great Strength so you're able to use stronger armor. But I find that faster stamina regeneration is more useful than the extra defense. It's up to you and your individual preference.
You could also replace Eternal Warriors Ring in soul form with Foe's Ring, Dull Rats Ring, or Clever Rat's Ring. These same rings are also good options as a secondary ring to Eternal Warriors Ring in human form. I don't show how to acquire these rings in my walk-through because you have to go out of your way for them & they're not really necessary. Although Clever Rats Ring is accessible along the way.

With Ring of Great Strength equipped your armor set will look like this:

  • Assassin's Mask
  • Ancient King's Breastplate
  • Black Gloves
  • Ancient King's Leggings

Again, mix & match if you wish. This is just the most effective set defensively.

Recommended spells/miracles


  • Light Weapon
  • Soul Arrow (Default with the Royal class)
  • Poison Cloud (To help defeat Old King Doran)


  • Second Chance
  • Evacuate (For convenience)
Gameplay tips and progression

With this level 30 Trolling PVP build you will be able to toy with & destroy invading black phantoms, but is made to invade players and have your way with them using the Scraping Spear. When they get scared and retreat, Beckon them. When their equipment breaks, Sigh. Second Chance almost guarantees you never die. At this low of a level, your Dark Silver Shield+5 has enough guard break reduction to keep almost any attack at bay before you have to roll, even with magic buffs. When you're done playing with your opponent like a cat plays with a mouse, buff your BBS with Light Weapon & annihilate them faster then they can blink. Most of the experienced players I've faced have had trouble with this build at such an early soul level. It's definitely unexpected.

Credit for a lot of this build goes to the people who created the BBS Builds. This is just my twist for low level trolling with Scraping Spear, and how to create this specific build quickly. I realize people don't appreciate "Trollers", but this is all in good fun. It's not cheating & it's a legit way to play the game. Having fun is the point here. If its not for you, there are other great builds on this site I suggest you check out. I often end up going out of my way to help the people I trolled to beat the level they were trying to beat, & ended up making a lot of friends this way, believe it or not.

For this build the stats you'll be raising are Strength, Dexterity, Magic, & Faith, each to 18 so you're able to use the Blue Blood Sword. You'll also be raising Will/Intelligence to 15 so your MP is high enough to use Second Chance, & for enough slots to be able to use Light Weapon. Raising any other stats isn't necessary for this build, its meant for level 30 PVP. Second Chance makes up for having such low Vitality, but you'll most likely be able to beat your enemy without them even putting you into Second Chance. High Endurance isn't needed either. The BBS w/Light Weapon & Eternal Warriors Ring is more than enough to dispose of your enemy at level 30. You may be tempted to raise other stats but it works just fine as-is, trust me.

Sorry about the long walk-through but I catered it specifically for newer players, so it's very thorough. Hope you enjoy =)

(Note: Acquire as many Stones of Ephemeral Eyes & Sharpstones as possible along the way for convenience purposes later on)

First, go to world 1-1, Kill Ostrava & take the Mausoleum Key for later. Be sure to pick up the Thief's Ring where you discovered Ostrava, you'll also need it for later. Next buy a Short Spear from the vendor, you'll need it to create the Scraping Spear. Then defeat Phalanx. The FireBombs you picked up & your Soul Arrow will dispose of him easily.

When you've defeated Phalanx, put your magic up to 18. Put your other remaining souls into Strength.Try to get Strength to 14 so you're able to use the Adjudicator's Shield later on. You may want to quickly pick up the Wooden Catalyst in level 1-2 before you continue for a stronger magic attack. But its not necessary.

Next, purchase Flame Toss from Freke's Apprentice & go to 4-1. Use Flame Toss to defeat the Skeletons, you can also use the Turpentine you picked up from level 1-1 to make fighting the skeletons a bit easier. Pick up the Talisman of God. Proceed to pick up the Crescent Falchion+1, you'll be using it until you acquire the Blue Blood Sword. It scales with the magic stat and will give you more than enough firepower to do what you need to do to acquire the BBS. Get the key & buy the leather armor set from the vendor & equip it. It's the best option until you need to change armor later. Advance until you pick up the Compound Bow, Adjudicator's Shield, & Regenerator's Ring. You'll have what you need for now. Beat the level if you want to, but its not necessary right now.

With any souls you acquired, put your Strength to 16 & any remaining souls into any other stat for now. You can replace your Buckler with Adjudicators Shield if you haven't already.

Now beat levels 2-1 or 5-1, doesn't matter which level you beat first. Armor Spider Boss in 2-1 is easy to beat from range with Soul Arrow, & also pretty easy in close with the Crescent Falchion+1. Have some grass readily available & some spice if necessary. Don't forget to collect as much Sharpstone as possible along the way so there will be less farming later on, you'll need them to upgrade your short spear to +7 to create the Scraping Spear with Lead Demon's Soul (Phalanx boss soul).

For 5-1 be sure to collect some Royal Lotus, you'll need some later on for 5-2. Leechmonger Boss in 5-1 is an easy kill. Just hack away with Crescent Falchion+1. Have some half, late, or full moon grass ready for when he knocks you down a few times.

Afterwords, it doesn't matter where you spend your souls before you get BBS, as long as you put them into any of the recommended stats you'll be fine. There is no strategy distributing souls at this point, so don't worry about it. If you're hardcore enough you can save up all your souls after upgrading only what you'll need until you acquire the BBS or other necessary items for the build. I don't recommend that though because any PVP encounters will be at such a low level at this point.

Next, either do 2-2, or 5-2 & 5-3. For 2-2, again, collect as much Sharpstone as possible on your way to the boss. Beating Flamelurker is easy with Soul Arrow. Just be sure to keep your distance, be ready to block if need be, and run far away from him when you need to heal. Have enough grass, & spice to refill your MP.

Next is 5-2. Be sure to have your Adjudicator's Shield, Regenerator's Ring, & Thief's Ring. You'll need the AS & RR to counter the poison you get from the swamp, & the Thief's Ring to avoid the Giant Depraved Ones enemies. In the swamp, near the back left side of the map, & before the first fog, pick up the Broken Sword. This is VERY IMPORTANT. That is what you need to create the BBS, the foundation of this build. While in the swamp, if HP gets too low, you should have enough Royal Lotus and grass to heal yourself easily. Dirty Colossus Boss will take some patience. Stick & move is the key. Watch for cues and roll away from his melee & projectile attacks. If the projectiles hit you, use the flames around the level to remove them. Heal quickly and watch your back for sneaky projectile barrages.

Now, with the souls you got, buy about 300 arrows from Blacksmith Boldwin in the Nexus. Put any of the remaining souls into any of the recommended stats. If the recommended stats are already maxed out at this point, (or at any point) spend the souls you get on the Evacuate miracle. It will make building this build a bit more convenient later on. After that spend them on full/late moon grass, & spices. They are things you'll be using often when the build is finished. Spices are cheaper from the vendor in 3-1, so you may choose to wait until then to buy spices.

Now time for 5-3. You'll need the Compound Bow you found in 4-1, and your 300 arrows. You won't need to use all the arrows, 300 is just to be sure. Enter 5-3 and kill the Depraved Ones enemies as you make your way down the right side. Get to the sniping perch near the dirty waterfall & shoot Maiden Astraea with your bow and arrows. Her health will replenish a few times but don't be discouraged, eventually you will kill her. Once she's dead, you'll see Garl Vinland is still there, you don't have to kill him for his loot. Leave from the archstone you came in from, the Dirty Colossus Archstone, NOT the Maiden Astraea Archstone. Then return. This time go down the left side and you'll see that Garl Vinland is dead and his loot is there for the taking. All you need to pick up is the Dark Silver Shield, but you might as well take the rest of the armor.

Next, take your Red Hot Demon's Soul (Flamelurkers soul), Pureblood Demon's Soul (Maiden Astraea's soul), & Broken Sword to Blacksmith Ed in level 2-1. Use the "Talk" option until you've exhausted the dialogue and he begins repeating the same thing over & over. Close the window & talk to him again, he'll ask for the Red Hot Demon's Soul, give it to him. Then upgrade your broken sword to the Blue Blood Sword with Pureblood Demon's Soul.

At this point, the build at this level with Blue Blood Sword, Dark Silver Shield, & the Leather Armor set, will more than likely destroy anyone in PVP as is, but we want more =)

The next most important thing to get is the Second Chance miracle. You need to clear level 4-2. Make sure you have your Thief's Ring to sneak around the boss, and your Dark Silver Shield to block magic attacks during the level. Take your time with the enemies here, they can be tough. When you get to the last area before the boss, you'll see a bunch of Phosphorescent Slug enemies. Kill them all & collect as much Sticky White Stuff as possible. You'll be using them for the current boss, & bosses later on. When you get to the Old Hero boss, WALK, he won't detect you. Do NOT run. Apply the Sticky White Stuff to your BBS, approach him, take a few swipes, run away a few steps, and WALK away. Repeat the process until you kill him.

Back at the Nexus, Purchase Second Chance from Saint Urbain with Hero's Demon's Soul. Don't forget to "Learn" the miracle. Your Intelligence should be at 15 at this point & you should have enough MP to cast Second Chance. Faith at 18 is more than enough to give you the 2 slots you'll need as well. Now you don't have to worry so much about dying. Put the Talisman of God you got from level 4-1 into the empty right hand slot and use that for when you cast Second Chance. Move the Wooden/Silver Catalyst to the empty left hand slot so that when you acquire Light Weapon you'll be able to cast it onto your BBS. Talisman of Beasts will eventually replace both Talisman of God & the Wooden/Silver Catalyst, leaving an extra spot open for the Scraping Spear in your right hand.

Next you want to rescue Sage Freke the Visionary from level 3-1 so you're able to purchase the Light Weapon spell after you've beaten the Penetrator boss on level 1-3. Level 3-1 is also where you will pick up the armor you'll need for later. (Assassin's mask, Black Leather, & Black gloves. Black boots will be replaced with Leather boots for more defense). You will also find Clever Rats Ring in 3-1, a viable option for a secondary ring in human form without having to go out of your way to acquire it. Don't forget you have Second Chance now. Use it. Beat the level so you can get the Gold Mask from level 3-2. Use Evacuate after you've picked it up. You'll need the Gold Mask to trade with Sparkly the Crow in 4-1 to receive a Colorless Demon's Soul which you'll need later on. Check the guides on this site to learn how to beat 3-1, free Sage Freke, locate the Clever Rats Ring, & locate the Gold Mask on 3-2.

(Note: the vendor in 3-1 is the cheapest vendor to buy Spices from which you'll be using a lot of once the build is finished. Stalk up. Buy as much Fresh & Old Spice as you can. The more the better.)

Next go to 1-2. Cast Second Chance. Proceed to pick up the Wooden Catalyst if you haven't already. Replace it with your Silver Catalyst. Your magic attacks are a bit stronger now. To defeat the Tower Knight boss easily, apply some left over Sticky White Stuff from level 4-2 to your BBS just before you enter the fog. Take a few swipes at each of his ankles, he will fall quickly. After he falls, take a few swipes at his head & he's dead. Done properly you can kill him in less than 20 seconds.

Go back to the nexus and spend your souls on grass and/or spices, or whatever you want besides stats. You should have the Evacuate miracle by now, if not, be sure you bought it as soon as the recommended stats were completed. Evacuate isn't necessary, but it makes life easier.

Next go to level 1-3. Make sure you've casted Second Chance and & make your way to the Penetrator boss. Apply your left over Sticky White Stuff to your BBS to make quick work of him. Roll out of the way of his attacks, stick & move, & you should beat him no problem. Have grass ready to refill your health if he hits you, he takes big chunks. If he gets you with his special attack, its instant death. With Second Chance I believe you'll survive. Just be sure to re-cast Second Chance before you continue the fight.

Now you can purchase Light Weapon from Sage Freke in the Nexus with Silver Demon's Soul. No more need for Sticky White Stuff.

Next, time to kill Old King Doran for his Eternal Warriors Ring/Armor. Use your Wriggling Demon's Soul (Leechmonger's soul) to purchase Poison Cloud from Sage Freke. Replace Light Weapon for now. Also replace Second Chance with Evacuate if you're a skilled player. It's not necessary though. Use the Mausoleum Key to open the big Mausoleum gate in level 1-1 where the Red Eye Knight is located. Have Thief's Ring equipped. Use poison cloud on Old King Doran. When he chases you, run away until he begins walking back. Sneak up on him from behind and use a two handed back-stab on him. If you have any left over Sticky White Stuff, apply it before you attack. Then run away. Rinse & repeat. This process will take a while. If poison cloud runs out, re-cast it on him. After you've killed him take his Eternal Warriors Ring. Take his armor as well, you may choose to end up using some of that armor depending on whether you choose to replace Eternal Warriors Ring with the Ring of Great Strength or not. Otherwise equip EWR. There's hardly any reason not to be using it at all times.
Use Evacuate and go back to the Nexus.

Next you'll be getting the Talisman of Beasts so you'll be able to hold both the BBS and Scraping Spear in your right hand & be able to cast Second Chance & Light Weapon with one item, leaving a spot open in your left hand to hold your shield. Insanity Catalyst isn't really necessary because the extra power it gives you using Light Weapon isn't really needed at this low of a level.

Since you've killed Ostrava, you won't be getting the Talisman of Beasts by way of Mephistopheles. So you'll first need to acquire Pure Black World Tendency on level 2. To do so, go to level 2-1 in human form and jump off the cliff. Use the Stones of Ephemeral Eyes you've acquired up to this point to revive yourself and repeat the process until you've acquired PBWT. It should take 3, 4, 5, or 6 tries depending on your circumstance. If you don't have enough Stones of Ephemeral Eyes to revive yourself, invade & defeat other players or help others defeat levels as a blue phantom to revive yourself.

After you've acquired PBWT go to level 2-2. Continue down the right-hand tunnel and begin to drop down the mine shaft until you reach the cave where Scirvir would normally be. You'll see him as a black phantom. His attacks are powerful, but your BBS with Light Weapon will dispose of him quickly. Strafe his fire attacks, move in, block his melee, then counter attack. Rinse & repeat 4 or 5 times & he's dead. Be sure you're using Second Chance. Loot his body for the Talisman of Beasts. Put it in your left hand & give your Wooden Catalyst to Stockpile Thomas, you don't need it anymore. You'll be trading your Talisman of God at Sparkly the Crow to receive a Colorless Demon's Soul next.

Next you need to get your Dark Silver Shield to +5 with 5 Colorless Demon's Souls. First trade your Talisman of God with Sparkly the Crow on 4-1 for your first CDS. Then Trade the Gold Mask you got from 3-2 for your second CDS. If you have Pure White or Pure Black World Tendency on level 1 (it should be at Pure White if you haven't died on level 1 yet), go to the gate that was previously closed on the left side at the beginning of level 1-1. In the area where Executioner Miralda is, carefully drop down the wooden plank and you'll find your 3rd CDS there. After you've picked it up, use Evacuate. Trying to drop down to climb back up can be tricky, and is a waste of time.

(Note: Killing Executioner Miralda will change your PWWT, leaving you with one chance to drop down to the CDS without dying. Dying in human form, or killing Executioner Miralda means you'll have to get PWWT on level 1 all over again. I suggest you attempt to get this particular CDS in soul form, without killing Executioner Miralda)

Now you have 3 easy CDS's. For the other 2 CDS's, you could use a few dupe tricks which can be found on this site. I suggest doing it fair & square. The fastest fair & square way to acquire them at this point is to get Pure Black World Tendency on any given level. Do this by killing yourself in human form in the given level, and reviving yourself with Stones of Ephemeral Eyes until you get PBWT. Or, Invade people as a Black Phantom and kill the host. Repeat until you have PBWT. Once you have PBWT on the given level a Primeval Demon will appear. More often then not, they will drop a CDS when killed. This should be enough for you to have the 5 CDS's you'll need.

If you've exhausted your options with all the Primeval Demon's & they didn't drop enough CDS's, there is a way to get a couple more CDS's before the next play through. Get Pure Black Character Tendency by killing some useless NPC's & Mephistopheles will appear in the Nexus above the first flight of steps. Doing her mission & killing Patches the Hyena & Biorr of the Twin Fangs,will earn you 2 CDS's. I don't suggest doing this because this requires you having to kill Sage Freke & Saint Urbain first. They aren't really necessary after the build is finished but they are nice to have around in case you want to mix things up. And Patches the Hyena is a convenient vendor to have in the Nexus to buy Full Moon Grasses & Spices from.
Getting 5 CDS's shouldn't be that much of a hassle anyway, don't worry about it.

Next thing to do is acquire the Scraping Spear. Take your Short Spear and upgrade it to +7 with the Sharpstones you've found. If you don't have enough Shards, buy them from the vendor at the beginning of level 2-1. If you don't have enough Large Shards, buy them from the vendor in 2-2 (Shards can also be purchased there). If you don't have the single Chunk of Sharpstone you'll need, you'll have to grind for it. You'll find one eventually by killing one of the many Crystal Lizards located in level 2-2.

Once your Short Spear is at +7, take that & your Lead Demon's Soul (Phalanx bosses soul) to Blacksmith Ed in level 2-1. Make sure you have Evacuate so you're able to leave quickly. Upgrade the Short Spear+7 to the Scraping Spear & equip it to the empty right hand slot.

Now you have everything you need for the build. Only thing left to do is change your armor so you're able to equip all these items and still be able to roll. With the Dark Silver Shield, Talisman of Beasts, Scraping Spear, & Blue Blood Sword all equipped, the best armor combination you'll be able to wear is Assassin's Mask (Head), Black Leather (Chest), Black Gloves (Arms), & Leather Boots (Legs).

You may choose to use the Great Ring of Strength to equip better armor. The ring can be found under the dragon's tail in the dragons nest in level 1-1, or by killing Biorr of the Twin Fangs & looting his body. With this ring equipped you can wear slightly better armor. You'll be able to wear Assassin's Mask (Head), Ancient King's Breastplate (Chest), Black Gloves (Arms), & Ancient King's Leggings (Legs).

The level 30 Blue Blood Scraper Trolling PVP build is now complete. Any comments or suggestions to make the build better would be appreciated. Demon's Souls = Best game ever made!!

Enjoy the build & have fun!

Also checkout my YouTube channel where I talk about video games & gaming in general. I try to make it as funny & entertaining as possible.


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