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Build summary basic dex build= samuri
Recommended starting class(es) wanderer
Recommended Soul Level 45+

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 25
Strength 25
Dexterity 30
Magic **
Faith **
Luck 20
Recommended equipment

right hand#1- Makoto+5
right hand#2- Sharp Uchigatana +5
left hand#1- Adjudicator's shield+5, or Sharp Spiked shield (just to be a badass)
left hand#2- White bow or Lava bow (arrows- to fit situation) I like light arrows

brushwood armor
hard leather boots or brushwood boots
no helmet (to see black ponytail)
brushwood gauntlets (if you prefer)

body form- eternal warrior's ring or regenerator's ring, and (obviously) ronin's ring
soul form- cling ring, regenerator's ring

Recommended spells/miracles

i don't use spells, but i will recommend some for this build if you want spells, or miracles. The spells listed are spells, and miracles i think would go well with this class if you used spells/miracles (please note this class isn't meant to use spells/miracles, if you want spells go make a mage)

cursed weapon
light weapon

Gameplay tips and progression

I have picked the wanderer class for a couple of reasons. one he/she starts with the highest dex out of all the classes. Two he/she is one of the two best fit to kill vanguard, the training level boss (if you kill him you are a badass). After defeating phalanx level up your strength, or vitality, or endurance. go with strength first because all the katanas need 18 strength. in level 1-1 get a spear (it powns ass in 2-1, 2-2). start upgrading the short spear to +7. go to 1-2 to short bow to defeat the 2-1 boss, start upgrading the short bow that you get to +7. after defeating the 2-1 boss, use some of the souls to buy about 100 arrows, if u have the short bow +3or 4 u should pown the red dragon in 1-2 at the first tower. upgrade your spear as much as possible. go to 2-2 and defeat flamelurker using the wall cheat (see the bosses page for details). while killing flamelurker two hand your spear and slab some sticky white stuff for extra affect (yes this sentence sounds funny on purpose). after killing him go to blacksmith ed and give him flamelurker's souls (just talk to him, then leave, then talk to him again). after doing that you con upgrade to short bow +7 to the lava bow, and the short spear +7 to the scraping spear. the scraping spear is the best thing for this class until you get a katana because it gets a a bonus for dex. by now you should be around soul level 25 ish. i hate the tower of latira, so i skipped over it to 4-1 and it was pretty easy. just lock on to the rolly guys and start poking. the black doulbe katana guys are easy with the lava bow too. kill vanguard with the lava bow as well ,so make sure u come into 4-1 with at least 50 arrows. after defeating flamelurker and vanguard the tower knight in 1-2 is a piece of cake, just use turpentine or a dragon weapon. by now you should be upgrading the katana. farm from the black katana guys. by now u should be soul level 30 ish. go and kill adjudicator, use fire stuff. this is where u can soul farm for no work at all. go to adjudicator's archstone and go kill the reaper with your lava from the tunnel with graverobber bilge.


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