Use Everything
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Build summary A build I created so that I would be able to use every weapon, shield, spell and miracle in the game.
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 120-130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 32
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 33
Strength 36
Dexterity 24
Magic 24
Faith 24
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Whatever weapon/shield you want to use
  • Old Kings set/Binded set/Any light armor set
  • Grass
  • Spices
  • A throwing weapon (for interrupting heals in pvp)
  • A weapon buff item (if you can use it on your weapon and your not using a buff spell)
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Enchant weapon/light weapon/curse weapon (If usable on your weapon)
  • Whatever other spells you want (You dont have a lot of mp to use for spaming high mp cost spells though)
Gameplay tips and progression
  • This build is made for fun and isn't supposed to be particularly powerful.
  • I recommend getting a highly upgraded weapon near the start of the game.
  • A dragon weapon is good for your first playthrough.


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