Shaman (sl 100-120)
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Build summary A cloud user better in PvE then PvP
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty or magician
Recommended Soul Level 100-120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40+
Will/Intelligence 40+
Endurance **
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic 50+
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Armor: shaman (only for the style)
any armor that you can roll with

Weapons: all crescent or moon weapons (moon is essantial if you play hide) or something you like (it's up to you)
any catalyst
Other-hand: a shield (here too it's up to you) just in case
Kris blade +5
Rings: soul form: A: ring of magical sharpness and cling ring
B: thief ring and cling ring
C:thief ring and ring of magical nature
body form: A: ring of magical sharpness and ring of magical nature
B: thief ring and ring of magical nature

Recommended spells/miracles

A: poison cloud, death cloud, acid cloud with two 1 slot spell or one aggressive spell.

B: poison cloud, death cloud with a powerful spell or a fire spell and a magic spell.

C: poison cloud, death cloud, warding with other spells

Gameplay tips and progression

Thief ring equip: The clouds are your main. Cast some clouds at a safe distance and keep moving to another place to make sure to stay invisible. The one way road will be a helpful friend for your cloud and the dark moon grass user will be your worst enemy. Equip a moon weapon if you feel like " I'm an assassin i will backstab you" at least you are hide from a good distance if you use cloak. Try to cast ignite behind your opponent if your not a backstabber. You can use firespray, but it will be hard to hide while using (the starting point of your firespray will indicate where you are) so i don't recommend it. P.S. don't use anything that produce an aura visible when cloak, for more information go in "your character" and click on "stealth" on this site, because im bored of the one's who do " im hide by my thief ring and i have DSS" and im like wow a yellow form is coming, i think will shoot at it.

Ring of magical sharpness: try to poison and plague your enemy first. That's done!! Great, just make sure to avoid and cast spell at your enemy (i recommend fast spell like soul ray, flam toss or other). If you are in a small area, use fireballs. If he start running out of range than use some soul ray to make sure he wont go to regain his heal. If your enemy have a katana or blind, use acid cloud (10 equipement reduction per second in the cloud). Be agressive without going to close.

That's it, a little hard to handle and it's not THE BEST BUILD FOREVER, it's just a fun build that can do some PvP. Enjoy, it's my first build.

P.S. All suggestion is good to make this build a pain for other player. Have fun ^.^


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