Faith/Crushing build
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Build summary Pure melee build that uses the power of blessed and crushing weapons.
Recommended starting class(es) Priest
Recommended Soul Level 125-130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 35
Dexterity 12
Magic 10
Faith 45
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Due to high endurance, can wear different armors in combo with each other or if you prefer, wearing just the full set of one. To each their own as I say.
Please note; While endurance is high enough to use while rolling, depending on choice of weapons, shields used, may have to still use ring of great strength.

-My reasoning of increasing endurance past 40 is for higher bleeding, but mainly higher fire resistance) While some may disagree greatly in increasing endurance past 40 since stamina only goes to 160, I've seen many players uskng fire spells such as ignite, firestorm even firespray where extra endurance comes in handy.

Pending on individual players preference.
This build's advantage is being able to use heavy armor while still being able to roll(Note: Depending on choice of weapons and shields used, stil may call for assisance with the good old Ring of Great Strength.
Armor; I went over 40 in the endurance stat, for one major reason-Increasing fire resistance.
Many players, use fire spells such as ignite, firestorm and even firespray which can be very deadly used in the right hands and in combo with other spells.
Due to having such high endurance, can take advantage of the heavy armor without losing much endurance recovery time. .
Armor that can be used in combo with each other or full set;

-Full Old Doran's Set, for highest fire defense(love using against ignite, fireball, firestorm even those deadly and yes I say DEADLY firespray skilled players. Another plus is the Old King's armor does not slow down endurance recovery rate.

-Full Brushwood(provides highest physical defense, out of three)

-Full Dark Silver (best magic defense)

Choice of weaponry; Because of the plethara of weapons to choose from (two weapons you should NOT use are Great Sword and Great Axe) in the blessed and crushing upgrades, the three named are my personal choices that I've found to have good success with.
I personally lean towards the lean mean, smaller machines in choosing weapons to use.
These are the top three weapons I use in combo with each other and in the blessed and crushing upgrade paths.
Knight Sword +5
Claymore +5(tend to use fatal estoc or daggar as secondary weapon when using this)
Guillotine Axe +6

Shields; Adjudicator, DSS, or Knight(DSS and knights for parrying)

Rings-Soul; foe's and cling
Body; Eternal, fire resistance, dull rat's, magic ring dullness, ring of great strength, Regen ring

Recommended spells/miracles

Miracles:(have four available slots)
Second Chance
God's wrath

Spells; While curse takes up all three slots, should I decide to mix things up, using other spells instead, this build has the following choices which make sense to use:
-Curse(take up all three) is my personal choice,
-Poison Cloud
-Death Cloud

Not a fan of clouds not only bec it can cause lag, but for me, challenging myself and taking on top PVP players, the need for speed,a nd skill, while not using clouds to try to diminish your is something I aim towards.

Gameplay tips and progression

This build is used for the following serious serious reasons; duration(lasting longer than opponent without grassing!!(although others may disagree with me:), strategic, tactical purposes, and finally, while unlike a vanilla plain Jane faith build, gives that extra wham bam thank you…umphhh! kick to it by the power of crushing weapons in your arsenal. Adds that Extra spice to add flavor baby. While strength stat is not as high as faith, when using curse buff with crushing +5 weapon, yu bet it will hand out a good spanking.
Optional-Instead of using crushing, using blessed as primary with a fatal estoc or secreat daggar as a secondary, can change things up a bit. Since you have those three magic slots normally you use up for curse, why not add poision, death, warding??Ahhaaa??….Ahhaaaa???

BTW-I recently looked over this build because I have to say, Dan_7 created his own version without looking at my stats at all. I give full credit to him as he allocated his stats much better for this caliber of build than I recently did.
Thanks Dan. I now tweaked mine, and while not exactly similar to yours, by the same token, I know you should be the one credited with bringing attention to your idea of this kind of build.

If anyone has any questions, or direct advice, I am very open-minded and will respond via personal message, or on board.

Just want to mention on a more serious note, Not sure if I should mention this, but because I am a serious DS player, but not a forum member, or one that has seen all the different types of builds mentinoed, I apologize if I somehow "stepped on anyone elses' toes". I know alot of builds are considered cookie cutter, vanilla, etc…
However, within these different classes and builds lies varying degrees of stat distribution.
That is why in putting this build down, while others may have an exact caliber build, sometimes even the most minute diifference in stat distribution can make a huge difference.


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