Rounded Warrior
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Build summary General play using all types of damage confusing your opponent
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 30
Strength 30
Dexterity **
Magic 30
Faith 18
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Right Hand 1 - Your favorite weapon upgraded anyway you would like (I.E. i use moon uchi +5)
  • Right Hand 2 - If your a defensive player use your ToB here/if not another weapon of your choice
  • Left Hand 1 - DSS upgraded as high as you can
  • Left Hand 2 - If ToB not already equipped put here/Adjudicator's for Health/ Phosphorescent pole for mana
  • Armor - use anything you feel comfortable in, preferably something you can move around in (don't want to get caught in a pesky firestorm)

Soul Form

  • Ring 1 - Cling ring
  • Ring 2 - your choice (examples, foes for invading, great strength more maneuverability, magical sharpness if focused more on the magic)

Body Form

  • Ring 1 - Your choice again based on your style of play
  • Ring 2 - "
  • as for the rings i recommend a ring of fire resistance for a general defense along with your DSS and warding/protection
Recommended spells/miracles


  • Ignite - for strong fire damage and to keep the rushers at bay, if you do fight an aggressive person this should take care of them pretty easily
  • Warding/Protection - Defensive buff against physical damage (if you chose protection you have 1 extra slot, go nuts)
  • soul ray - basic ranged magic spell to keep them from using grass and other items

Miracels (pick 1)

  • Second Chance - Nice defensive buff
  • God's Wrath - A knock down to give you time to grab food or spices (for more bold players)
Gameplay tips and progression

Ok so this build was designed to give you all around defense and damage


  • Fire - your ring of flame resistance and DSS protects you a little more from the uncommon damage
  • Magic - DSS has you covered their it also blocks all physical attacks while draining stamina
  • Physical - Warding/protection helps you a lot there as well as your armor assuming your not going naked


  • Ignite for strong fire damage and keeping enemies out of your face
  • Soul Ray strong magic attack keeping enemies from eating or enchanting
  • Weapons, at least one should be physical damage

The general idea of this build is being prepared and being able to adapt to your opponent, you can usually read what damage they focus on by their armor (for example, if you see a monks head wrapping whip out your DSS) And as for their defense see what shield they have up if its DSS use physical and fire and avoid wasting your magic on them, if they have an adjudicators pull out soul ray,etc. this is all pretty common stuff but this build is more of guidelines for basic pvp. GOOD LUCK and have fun everyone kick some black phantom ass.


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