2 man ambush part 1
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Build summary Part one of a two man group guaranteeing a surprise for the invading BP like none other
Recommended starting class(es) Royalty
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 30
Endurance 40
Strength **
Dexterity **
Magic 60
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment


  • Right hand 1 - ToB or Insanity catalyst if you want extra damage and no miracles
  • Right hand 2 - Magic weapon of your choice
  • Left hand 1 - Kris Blade +5
  • Left Hand 2 - Phosphorescent pole +5


  • Head - Monk's Head Wrapping
  • Everything else - something very light i.e. shaman;s or black leather


  • ring1 - Thief's ring (very important)
  • ring2 - Graverobber's ring (very important)
  • the rings are what gives this build its element of surprise without these the black phantom will know it will be a 2v1 and will be alot more cautious
Recommended spells/miracles


  • Ignite - this is what makes this build! your partner will being knocking down your opponent and as he does that you run in with ignite for a high damage fire spell
  • Poison Cloud - if the match drags on use this
  • Soul ray - to keep your opponent on their feet
  • with the extra slot grab whatever makes you happy or whatever you are used too
  • Warding and protection is not recommended due to the aura giving away your position


  • God's Wrath - if you have to have a miracle this is probably what you want to go with due to the fact that second chance has an aura and will give away your position
Gameplay tips and progression

You do not have much defense on this build so it is very important that you stay hidden until you know you can get a good hit in. if you ever start taking damage do not be afraid to run away as soon as you get out of lock range you will be invisible, eat grace, spice, etc. just do not die you are the spike in this 2 man build.

How to use…
Ok so your probably like "what the hell? this is so stupid." and i have one thing to say to that…your so stupid! now just hear me out. Go anywhere you think youll be invaded and find a nice hiding spot with your partner near by. The second man in your group will have either the DBS or storm ruler Knocking down your opponent constantly and with him on his ass you can run in get an ignite off and jump into battle. Continually casting soul ray to keep him from eating (be smart about it don't waste all mp) your partner will knock him down again where you kill him if not already. it is very important that u keep your kris blade and ToB out before the BP knows your there otherwise the aura will give you away.
-pause for applause-
If for some reason you are found out before jumping into action its alright… you can run back and be invisible again or just fight just make sure you stay behind your partner you do not want to take too many hits.

  • NOTE: for this to work you have to be sneaky and be smart about what you are doing


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