The big guns
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Build summary Uses the larger weapons in the game.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight (female)
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 35
Strength 40
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Right Hand (one at a time, there all heavy)

Dragon Bone Smasher
Meat Cleaver
Dozer Axe

Left Hand

Quality Compound shot bow +5
Kite Shield +5
Talisman of God

Rings (use both in human and soul)

Ring of Herculean Strength
Ring of Great Strength

Soul Farming ring set

Ring of Avarice
either Ring of Great Strength or Ring of Herculean Strength depending on where your farming and what your farming.


Start with basic fluted armour
upgrade to Old Raggedy Robes(1-1)
Rogue's Clothes (later on)

Recommended spells/miracles

Second chance

maybe curse/enchant/light weapon if you want to level up your Intelligence and magic a little. but i dont use spells or miracles much so Second Chance should do.

Gameplay tips and progression

Getting the Rings

Without them this build is useless. herculean strength is the easiest, just get the jade hair ornament and give it to Stockpile Thomas( keep talking to him, walk away and talk again and he will ask for it). Great Strength can is next, either get lucky and have no dragons in 1-1 and just run up and grab it, or kill off the red one in 1-2 and keep making trips back and forth from the nexus until the blue dragon is gone.

Getting the Weapons

first weapon you should grab is the DBS, just dont die in world 2 and you should have pure white come the dragon god, if you do die just wait a while and get invaded.

Second weapon is the Dozer Axe, in 2-1 grab the Crushing Battle Axe and the melt stone, talk to Blacksmith Ed and turn it into a Battle Axe and upgrade from there until you have it at +5, from there wait until you beat world 2, then hop over to world 4 and kill the vanguard. Head back over to blacksmith Ed and turn the Battle Axe into the Dozer Axe

Third weapon is the meat cleaver, simple to get, make sure you grab the great club in 2-1 and you can upgrade that into the meat cleaver after you kill the Adjudicator.

Fourth weapon is the Bramd, Run through world 5 with the meat cleaver or dozer Axe, make sure you dont die and to wait in 5-2 for a little and kill some black phantoms, you will need pure white world tendency. once you reach Maiden Astraea kill Garl and complete the boss battle, repair all of your stuff and head back to the Dirty Colossus stone and run back and kill black phantom Garl Vinland.

Notes on the weapons

They are all fairly heavy and have a fairly slow move set to them, so get used to the move sets of each and the time it takes to attack and you will be able to tear through anything with ease.


start off by making your character be able to roll, heavy armor is a bad thing. Run through world 1 making sure your grabbing the Jade Hair Ornament and the Ring of Great Strength.

going into world 2 you should try to get used to backstabbing and 2 handing your weapons, things here wont hit very hard so it's an okay place to practice. If you can you do not want to die once, you want to have pure white world tendency by the time you reach the dragon god so you can grab the DBS. make sure you get the great club!!! run across the bridge!!!!1!! You can upgrade your sword to +5 but you may have to farm for hard stone later on. make sure you give Blacksmith Ed the Flamelurker soul.

After finishing world 2 you should have 30 strength, 15-20 vitality and 15-20 endurance, as long as you have the ring of great strength equipped you should be able to roll around with a DBS. ( if not just soul farm the two blue knights before the tower knight boss battle until you have roughly those stats)

Run into 2-1 and grab the Crushing Battle Axe and the melt stone if you didn't already get it. turn it into a Battle Axe and upgrade it into a Battle Axe +5.

run into 4-1 and kill the vanguard (shouldn't be to hard with a DBS in hand) go run to Blacksmith Ed and get the Dozer Axe.

Complete 4-1 and get the Adjudicator's soul and make the beat cleaver with the great club. From here you can continue into world 4 or venture off into world 5 to get the Bramd.

If you decided to stay in world 4, rescue saint Saint Urbain and learn second chance from the Old hero soul.

From here you should have at least 16 faith, you will need it for second chance and to be able to use the meat cleaver without the pesky ability shortage over the weapon.

So by now you should be able to roll around like a champ with your 3 weapons, if not grab a bow and soul farm in 4-2 (grim reaper) and upgrade your endurance until you can, MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE RING OF GREAT STRENGTH ON!!!!!1!111!!1!!!!!

Run through world 5 grabbing an extra talisman of god and killing a few black phantoms as they give you a nice visit. make sure you don't die. you need to have pure white world tendency for Black Phantom Garl Vinland to show up. finish the world and run back and kill BP garl and get the Bramd, be warry of your item burden as this is the heaviest weapon you will be using at 36 units.

you should now have at least 20 vitality, 35 endurance, 36 strength, and 16 faith, both of the mentioned rings, and have had some fun doing all of this.

for armour you can stick with the fluted combo of random pieces, or the raggedy robes, but i recommend getting the rouges set.

Rouges armour is fairly simple to get, run through world 3 without dying and killing some black phantoms every once and a while. make sure you grab the key for Rydells cage and the cage that has the 3 conned hat in it. head into 3-1 and get the rouges set. YouTube works as a good guide for finding it.

now you have a good set of armour, some epic weapons and hopefully the smarts on how to use each to there full potential.

Soul and stone farming

for souls farming id recommend the two blue eye knights when you are just starting the build, and then moving onto the grim reaper in 4-2 when later in the build. if you beat the penetrator you can go to the penetrator arc stone and run back and slaughter the 3 red eye knights.

for hard stone farming i suggest going to 1-2 and killing the Hoplites, they drop hard stone and sharp stone from shards to large shards which will get a weapon to +5.

Colorless Demons Souls are fairly easy to farm. you can get them from either getting pure black WT and killing primeval demons or trading the crow a gold mask or a talisman of god ( bought from dirty lady for 5k souls). to farm the crow for CDS just drop one of the two items, reload, invade someone and when the message comes up "moving to another world as a black phantom" twice pick up the CDS and run off a cliff when you spawn in another world. you should spawn at the tree again and the CDS should still be there, just repeat the process. The same method works for Primeval demons, just instead of grabbing the CDS you are killing the demon and grabbing the CDS as the message comes up for the second time.

Tips and tricks

Learn the move sets for each weapon, it will not only allow you to use their quickest attacks but also to get comfortable with them all. always use the two rings mentioned, without those two rings this build will not function. Keep an eye on your stamina, you will use a lot of it, so hard hits and rolling away to regenerate it is a good tactic to use.

This is my first build iv posted on DS wiki, so any criticism be it constructive or just criticism is much appreciated. i probably left out alot of stuff :P


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