Beast's Master
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Build summary A hybrid mage that exploits the full potential of the Talisman of Beasts.
Recommended starting class(es) The best class for this build is the Magician
Recommended Soul Level For PvP 150 Maximum

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30 ( Durable yet close to Hyper Mode; beware of stealth builds )
Will/Intelligence 41 ( A soul level locks spell memory in case of de-leveling )
Endurance 30 ( This will grant higher mobility to the mage and improve fire resistance )
Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Magic 46
Faith 46
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Head: Silver Coronet ( MP Bonus ) , Three-Cornered Hat and optionally, Monk's Head Collar
Chest: Rogue's Clothes ( Magic Resistance Bonus ) or Binded Cross ( Physical Endurance Bonus )
Arms: Rogue's Gloves or Binded Gloves
Legs: Rogue'sBoots or Binded Boots

Right Hand Weapons: Epee Rapier+5, Phosphorescent Pole+5* and the Talisman of Beasts**
Left Hand Weapons: Kris Blade+5, Morion Blade, Rune Shield+5 and optionally Geri's Stiletto+5

Rings: Ring of Magical Sharpness ( Replace with Friend's or Foe's Ring ) and Clever Rat's Ring

Recommended spells/miracles

Spells: Soul Ray, Ignite, Homing Soul Arrow and Fire Spray
Miracles: Second Chance and God's Wrath

As the creator of this build, I believe it should represent my values. That is the reason why I have not included Firestorm to the spell list. The server is loaded with players that rely on the spell for easy victories that do not reflect bravery or skill, an example of this would be those who have used the Running Firestorm. This build is designed to prove proficiency with magic regardless of distance and to convert magicians into fully offensive characters.

Gameplay tips and progression

The Beast's Master is a build designed solely for spell and miracle casting. It is by no means a build used as a " Battle Mage ". The physical aspects of the build are present for support or last resort scenarios. It is important to notice that levels should be raised evenly for both Magic and Faith so that the Talisman of Beasts out damages the Insanity Catalyst. This build is probably one of the most well balanced of it's class due to the fact that the common lack of magic defense on mages is addressed in great part by it's very nature. The end result of this path is an agile caster able to withstand magical damage from other mages without losing the edge in battle after a single attack and fully capable of dispatching several melee attackers by sheer force or deceit.

  • Use two-handed if needed, switch to Blessed Mirdan Hammer+5 for HP Recovery.

** Switch to Talisman of God ( Recommended only for PvE ) for a crushing God's Wrath.


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