LW daggers
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Build summary A light weapon build specifically for daggers.
Recommended starting class(es)
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50-55
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 35-40
Strength 18
Dexterity 40-45
Magic 20-25
Faith 16
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Right Hand :
RH1: Talisman of Beasts
RH2: Sharp Secret Dagger +5

Left Hand:
LH1: Insanity Catalyst
LH2: Sharp Uchigatana +5

Head - Silver Coronet
Chest - Ancient King's Breastplate
Arms/Hands - Ancient King's Gauntlets
Legs - Ancient King's Leggings

Body Form:
Eternal Warriors ring
Regeneration ring

Soul Form:
Cling Ring
Foes ring/Friends ring

Recommended spells/miracles

Second Chance

Light Weapon.

Gameplay tips and progression

50-55 Vitality: Whether you go to 55 Vitality or stay at 50 is really a preference. I prefer the slightly extra vitality due my turtlish kinda of play style. 50 Vit is still good so don't worry about using these 5 points elsewhere

14 Will/Intelligence: Pretty obvious you need 14 Intelligence to remember Light Weapon since it takes up 2 slots and combined with Silver Coronet you can actually cast it and Second Chance

35-40 This is preference, if you prefer endurance over Vitality then go for it.

18 Strength Pretty obvious. You need 18 strength to wield Katanas with 1 hand.

40-45 This, I haven't tested that much but go for 45 if you are craving those extra AR's for a more powerful LH uchigatana (slightly more powerful).

20-25 Slightly more AR with LW so if you really want a stronger push then go for it.

16 Faith 16 faith = 2 miracle slots which means access to the powerful Second Chance

7 Luck This stat should never be increased except on a BBS build.

Note: At SL125 all stats must be at minimum except one so if I went for 55 Vitality then endurance dexterity and magic would have to be at 35 40 and 20. Of course you could always share those extra 5 points between the 4.

How to play:

Secret dagger with LH uchigatana: I'll get someone else to do this… :)


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