PvP DEX Build 120
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Build summary A variety DEX build based on PvP
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 120

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45
Will/Intelligence 18
Endurance 40
Strength 18
Dexterity 50
Magic **
Faith 16
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Left Hand 1: Talisman of Beasts
  • Left Hand 2: Shield/Offhand Item of Choice
  • Right Hand 1: Main Weapon of Choice
  • Right Hand 2: Sub Weapon of Choice

Honestly, you should use whatever you are most comfortable with. Here's a list of weapons you might use and why:
What's Recommended:

  • Sharp Broad Sword +5: For you fans of the DBS moveset.
  • Sharp Flamberge +5: For those who are like me and fucking LOVE the Claymore. This is the strongest sharp weapon in terms of raw power.
  • Sharp Kilij +5: Ever used the Crescent Falchion from 4-1? This gets the same moveset, and great power.
  • Sharp Uchigatana +5: Popular for DEX builds. It gets some of the highest damage out of the sharp weapons, and is faster than the Flamberge.
  • Sharp War Scythe +5: For the Mirdan Hammer fans. Gets the same damage as the Uchigatana with the same moveset as the MH.

Those are the best options for your Main IMO. You could use just about any other Sharp weapon though. Your Sub should adress your main's weaknesses (eg. A lighter weapon such as the Broad Sword or Kilij paired with the Flamberge). You can also use:

  • Sticky Compound Long Bow +5: A bow will provide a good ranged alternative for interupting heals, buffs, etc, for opening with a quick shot to get some initial damage in, possibly cracking SC for Hyper Mode users in the process, if you can't seem to get close, or really any time you have an opening for it.
  • White Bow +5: Gets improved range over the SCLB, but you'll need to boost your STR to 20 for this.
  • Blind +5: It ignores shields for countering turtles, but generally I wouldn't really use it. It's damage is just pitiful.
  • Fatal Weapon +5 of Choice: Because backstabbing is fun.
  • Hiltless +5: It gets great damage, but I personnally don't use it due to the recoil damage.

Left hand:
There isn't much to say here.

  • Whatever Shield you prefer. Dark Silver, Adjudicator's, Sharp Spiked, Purple Flame (needs 22 STR), it's your choice.
  • Morion Blade: For you Hyper Mode lovers.
  • Stormruler: I GUESS you could use it's knockdown for SOMETHING.


  • Ancient King's Set. It offers great defense, isn't too heavy, and doesn't impede stamina regeneration.
  • As good as the Ancient King's Set is, depending on your weapons, you might be too heavy. Replace a piece or two with Black Leather to keep your Equip Burden under half so you can still roll properly.


  • Binded set. 'Nuff said.

Body Form:

  • Clever Rat's Ring: For Hyper Mode lovers.
  • Ring of Great Strength: Allows more of the Ancient King's Set.
  • Ring of Magical Dullness: Will allow you to survive much longer against a Mage.
  • Regenerator's Ring: Just because.
  • Eternal Warrior's Ring: Faster Stamina Regen can be useful at times.

Soul Form:

  • Cling Ring: Always.
  • Friend's Ring: For when you feel like being a Blue Phantom.
  • Foe's Ring: For invading.
  • Clever Rat's Ring: For Hyper Mode lovers.


  • New Moon Grass
  • Dark Moon Grass
  • Widow's Lotus
  • Royal Lotus
  • Old Spice
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Second Chance: Do I even need a reason? ALL PvP builds should have this miracle, ESPECIALLY a melee build.
  • Curse Weapon: Take advantage of your Cracked ToB. This will only do 1DPS instead of 1%DPS. A regenerator's ring or ajudicator's shield will completely cancel it out. In any case, it offers a huge attack power bonus.
Gameplay tips and progression
  • If you want Freke spells to make PvE easier, you could always raise your MAG to 10, learn the desired spells, and then get soulsucked. Of course, I won't stop you if you REALLY want a permanent 10 MAG.
  • If you have any input, I'm glad to hear it. Post below. I'm open to suggestions, and won't criticise questions.

Pros and Cons:


  • DEX builds offer a wide range of available weapons for many different situations and fighting styles.
  • DEX weapons tend to be very lightweight, allowing heavier armor.
  • A DEX build will never take much damage from falls. The usefulness of this trait is limited, however.
  • DEX builds make great archers.
  • A DEX build's great variety makes it a good choice for beginners.


  • DEX weapons tend to have low durability, so watch out for Acid Cloud and Scraping Spears.
  • DEX builds offer very few means of outputting magic damage.
  • DEX builds don't offer many genuinely unique advantages that a different build couldn't do better.


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