Mage Knight
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Build summary A juggernaut that uses enchant and protection spells.
Recommended starting class(es) Knight
Recommended Soul Level 30-100

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 25-40
Will/Intelligence 20-35
Endurance 21-32
Strength 30-40
Dexterity 14
Magic 20-35
Faith 15
Luck 16-25
Recommended equipment

Armor: Brushwood
Weapon: Crushing long or bastard sword
Plenty of healing items (Full)
Wand:Silver Catalyst
Weapon2:WInged Spear (Moon)
Shield Early:Purple Flame Shield
Shield Later: Tower Shield

Recommended spells/miracles

Light Weapon
Soul Ray
Homing Soul Arrow

Gameplay tips and progression

Start off by killing the first three demons. Then use 1-3 to soul harvest with the two blue knights. Confront flame lurker (Purple Flame) give his soul to ed. Go to dragon god and kill him and biorr to help on 1-4. Continue soul harvesting from there (red eye) and then go kill the idol.
Use Penetrators soul to get light weapon, and continue soul farming. Kill both maneater and Old Monk with ease via protection and light weapon. And you can continue from there.


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