Low-level Miralda (SL5-35)
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Build summary Fun but fair low-level PVP melee build playing as scariest NPC!
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight - Female of course
Recommended Soul Level 5-35

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 19
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 30
Strength 20
Dexterity **
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Guillotine Axe (if you want to upgrade, I recommend going with basic or crushing (crushing will do better 2H damage) - this remains faithful to the fact that the real Miralda doesn't do magic damage, just brute physical damage)
Binded Cross Set
Cling Ring
Master's Ring (for SL 5)
Foe's Ring (for SL 35) (less faithful than Master's Ring, but let's face it, this ring far outclasses the Master's Ring and is a staple for black phantoms. It's a pain to get, but well worth it)

Recommended spells/miracles

No spells or miracles - that's not her style!

Gameplay tips and progression

This build is a fun way to invade as a black phantom early on in the game and have fun with melee pvp. In fact, it is a good way to get used to pvp with people who aren't constantly pushlocking, pivot or chain backstabbing, perfect parrying other moves that less skilled players have not honed. In other words, it's a great, but unorthodox way for "noobs" to get comfortable with pvping if you are interested in melee builds. You learn (1) to not use a shield and (2) to handle a high damage-to-vitality ratio. (SL 5 is really low, but even at SL 35 your Vit is only 19. I prefer this to a higher Vit and lower End because the higher End allows you to break through more shields and ups your resistance to bleed and other damage your cloth armor is weak to. You could drop End to 25, however, and up Vit to 24, or even go up to SL 40 and have 24 or 29 Vit. I've found SL 35 and SL 40 invades regularly in 1-3 at least). Of course, this build could be modified for noob griefing, if you're into looking for a "cat to kick." (Think Blessed Guillo+5 at SL 5.) But what's the fun in that?

This build is great because you can get it up and running without duping in almost no time at all. In fact, you can play as miralda as early as SL 5! Just put your first level-up into endurance. (That is enough to wear full binded set and guillo axe if you take off all other equipment. 2-hand the axe). You can get the equipment fairly easily: start the game online (so you take advantage of the likely White World Tendency), beat 1-1. I recommend picking up the mail breaker and ragged outfit while you're at it because it can be sort of tricky beating Miralda at SL 1 without turtling. (With mail breaker, it's a snap, just circle her counterclockwise and poke. You will be able to get in some backstabs easily, and if you get hit, full ragged outfit can absorb a hit while allowing you to roll away. There are, of course, easier ways to beat Miralda, but shouldn't you face yourself?). Also, I recommend killing Ostrava to grab the Masoleum Key (for later) and to make getting the Foe's ring that much quicker (you won't have to trudge through 1-4, or kill Ostrava on 1-3. You could wait and reap the dark moon grass and pure clearstone, but why? Just backstab him off the wall and follow him around until he is beat up and then hack away at the rest of him. Who needs a dumb telescope anyway?

After beating 1-1, die in the Nexus and go right back if you see that World 1 is now PWWT. (PWWT is likely, but not guaranteed, it depends on the world tendency on the servers.) Beat Miralda and grab the Binded set and Master's Ring. This will drop the WT almost halfway to PBWT. You can wait to finish the rest.

When you talk to Monumental, grab the two ephemeral eyes in the nexus (down the stairs from him and up above in the "high score" room). Now head to 3-1 and beat the black phantom at the end of the level for the black eye stone. Grab the ephemeral eye in the cell and you'll pick up others from the BP. Grab the Kite shield (you may want to use it to work towards the Foe's ring and against BP Miralda). Free Freke if you want to start working on getting the Foe's Ring.

Now head back to world 1 and use your ephemeral eyes to drop the rest of the world tendency. If you want to save on Eyes, beat old king doran, now that you have the key (just backstab or use one of the other tricks). You may want to use the eternal warrior's ring, at any rate. Beat BP Miralda for the Guillo Axe (if you have a harder time with her BP form, level up your vitality some, or use one of the tricks to killing her (let her fall to her death by the stairs and reload for her Axe)).

I was lucky and got a rare drop off of one of the axe-wielding soldiers on the bridge in 1-1, so I was up and running as BP Miralda SL 5 in about 30-45 minutes, but even if you have to beat her BP form, you can be up within an hour or two. If you want to beef up your Guillo real quick, make sure you kill those crystal lizards in 1-1 on the way to Miralda and hit up 2-1 for plenty more stones. You can get up to basic +3 or +4 in no time. If you have to beat 1-2 (and dragon if nec'y) to get PWWT, you might as well kill the lizard there, as well to get even more stones for basic.

I won't go into getting the Foe's ring. There's plenty on that elsewhere. I will say that you might want to get Evacuate for PVE purpose and have Urbain remember it for you instead of that useless heal spell before you slaughter him. You could also take advantage of Patches before he dies by stocking up on Grass and arrows (for PVE), and Sticky white stuff if you want to be mean.

Enjoy scaring the bejesus out of low-level players by your looks alone! Be prepared to die plenty with your low HP as you learn to dodge effectively, but your high damage output will rake in some wins as well. Curved swords are dangerous because they tend to bleed you dry pretty quick (the bag armor may be scary-looking, but it can't take a cut very well).


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