Knight of the Round Table (SL 115 - 125)
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Build summary Simple Knight build, new players should try it (for PvE and PvP) (Simple Build)
Recommended starting class(es) Knight (Any Gender)
Recommended Soul Level 115 - 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 45+
Will/Intelligence **
Endurance 40
Strength 55+
Dexterity 16
Magic **
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment

Recommended equipment

Right Hand

Left Hand



Body Form:

Soul Form (at your world):

White Soul Form:

Black Soul Form:

Recommended spells/miracles

We'll not use spells for this build

Gameplay tips and progression

Character Guide

Before starting:

I'll show you the basics here, how to get the items and in some cases, how to do something ;
From the begining start looking for Pure Soul Tendency ( this is highly recommended for the first playthrough)

You'll be Pure Meele, and sometimes use lava bow for some enemies that can be a trouble without ranged attacks. Also, keep in mind that this character will be slow.

For a strong damage, your soul tendency should be always Pure White or Pure Black

Combat strategy:

The first thing that you must keep in mind, is that Northern Regalia is a long range sword but its slow, and thats what you have to be careful.

Player versus Player

Fast Enemies

It's simple, don't use strong attacks against fast enemies, try to detect his weak point and strike back. If you can't hit him with Northern Regalia, change to Long Sword, don't worry, long sword have less damage but its faster, and if the enemie is fast, he'll obviously have low defense.

Slow Enemies

He'll obviously have a high defense, so wait until he burns his stamina, and strike back with Northern Regalia.

In the two cases, your stamina should run out, thats why you should have Eternal warrior's ring equipped.

Player versus Enviorment

all the cases are the same: Just wait the enemies strong attacks and strike back with Northern Regalia, when you have a horde of fast foes, switch to long sword and spam R1 until you have one last move, to dodge alway from the enemies, when you do this, its the time to recover stamina and repeat the process

Getting the Equipment

1- At 1-1 you'll get the Purple Flame Shield (highly recommended) i'll explain how:
Trigger the Red Dragon's flame breath, then sprint back to the roost and pick up the items before he returns. Drop off the side of the roost to the lower path.
2- Activate the lever at 1-1 to get the cling ring
3- Drop down on the floor that Ostrava is and get the Thief's Ring. (at 1-1)
4- When you finished 1-1 for the first time, talk to the Monumental, and answer yes for her request, then when you get pure white soul tendency, talk to her again and she'll give you the Friend's Ring
5- at 1-2, get the Compund Short Bow at the second tower
6- Upgrade the Long Sword to +3
7- When you're starting 2-1 play in offline mode, we'll need pure white world tendency
8- Kill all bosses of World 2 in Offline mode, and get Dragon Bone Smasher at 2-3
9- Now that you have Dragon Bone Smasher, return to 2-2 and take the cut way on the right, and get to Scirvir, the Wanderer, equip the Dragon Bone Smasher, and talk to him, he'll give you a Pure Greystone (you can activate Online mode now)
10- Upgrade Compund Short Bow to +7
11- Go to Blacksmith Ed at 2-1 with your Compund Short Bow +5, Hard Demon's Soul and Red Hot Demon's Soul
12- Give Ed the Red Hot Demon's soul
13- Upgrade Compund Short Bow +7 to Lava Bow using Hard Demon's Soul
14- Go to 2-3 and get back at the point that have those Worms from the ground, farm Shard of Greystone and Chunk of Greystone from them, you'll need 25 Shard of Greystone and 9 Chunk of Greystone
15- Now that you have the stones, get back to Ed, and upgrade Long Sword +3 to Crushing Long Sword +5
16- Now kill the bosses from 1-3, 4-1, 4-2, 4-3 and 3-1
Note: To kill Penetrator, you can free Biorr, of the Twin Fangs at 1-2 using the key that you get from the "Fat Guy" at 1-3
Note 2: at 4-1 along the cliff path with a Crystal Lizard, just before the boss you'll get the Regenerator's Ring
17- At 3-2 go to Yurt the Silent Chief, open his cage, and kill him in this way:
He'll ignore you, wait until he is near the border, and give him a backstab, if he not fall, repeat the process until he falls, or you kill him with backstabs, Load Profile from this character and get back to yurt's cage, get his armour.
Note: If it will overburden you, just drop your armour, you'll not use it anymore because Yurt's Set is the same weight of yours
18- Complete all of Tower of Latria.
19- Now you're prepared, go to 1-4
20- If you saved, Ostrava of Boletaria, he'll give you Mausoleum Key.
21- Now you can do the False King in two ways:
False King Easy Way:
Get back to 1-1 and go to the part that have a Red Knight, kill him and open the door, talk to the Old King Doran, keep attacking him, until he let you get the Demonbrandt (remember when i said, that you should start looking for Pure White Soul Tendency? thats why :D)
if you want the Eternal Warrior's Ring, you'll have to kill the Old King, (OMFG HE IS STRONG!) calm down!, you have Demonbrandt now, so what you're waiting for? Equip it and kill old king, you can kill the Old King in the normal way, or with the glitch way (i killed with Glith way :D)
False King Hard Way: (For those who want a challange (i killed him with a crushing long sword +4! because i didn't have the Pure Greystone on the first playthrough :( but i killed him without dieing :D))
Just take your Crushing Long Sword +5 and follow the tactic (took from the page of the False King of this Wiki)

A good shield is highly recommended. He has a unique Soulsucker attack at melee range which will actually steal one Soul Level from you, so don't stay too close to him. (Purple Flame Shield should take care of his attacks

You should be constantly backing away with your shield raised unless you are good with your dodges. You need the stamina regain, so don't put your shield up too often. Being close will leave you vulnerable to combo attacks, and his Soulsucker move. When he points his sword straight down into the floor and starts glowing, he is about to execute an area explosion attack. It is possible to outrun, but far better to run up and bash his face in. After you interrupt this attack, immediately roll backwards to avoid his counterattacks.

When he raises his sword at an angle, he is about to rush you. Roll aside and he should miss you entirely. As soon as he stops behind you, turn and smack him once before rolling away again. All other attacks do negligible damage and can be safely absorbed by your shield. If you need to heal, the best time to do it is when he is slowly walking.
22- Now Complete 5-1 and 5-2
23- before killing the last boss from the archstones: go to 5-4 with the Stormruler and farm souls there, until your soul level is 100.
24- I supose that you have Talisman of God and Gold mask , go to 4-1 and go to Sparkly the Crow, drop the Talisman of God to her, load profile, get the Colorless Demon's Soul, repeat the process with the Talisman of God, keep these Colorless Demon's Souls, we'll use it for the Dark Silver Shiled (see below)
25- At the 5-3 kill Garl Vinland, for Dark Silver Shield and talk to Maiden Astrea
26- Go to 2-1 and upgrade your Dark Silver Shiled to +2 using the Colorless Demon's Soul with Blacksmith Ed
27- For the final boss, just use your Demonbrandt (EASY!) when you kill the boss, take the Soulbrandt, now you can choose one of the ending:
You can just leave this place and get the Maiden in Black's Demon Soul (we'll not use her demon soul but if you're looking for Soulsucker glitch, then just take it :D)

You can kill her, to get Beast Demon's Soul for 200,000 souls

Note: from now on, the Lava Bow, will not be so useful like on the first playthrough!
28- Great, now you're at NG+, don't use the demon soul yet, because you can't level up until you kill phalanax again, so be careful!!
29- Kill Flamelurker, and give Ed the Red hot demon's souls again
30- With Soulbrandt and Demonbrandt, use the False King Demon's soul and get the Northern Regalia
31- Repeat the process with Sparkly the Crow to get the Dark Silver Shiled +2 to +4.
32- Now that you have northern regalia, you can get Pure Black Soul Tendency for one more Colorless demon soul, to get the Dark Silver Shield to +5
33- With pure black soul tendency, kill yurt and do all mephistopheles request for the foe's ring


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