Garl Vinland
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Build summary A Strength and Faith hybrid inspired by Ilkar's Faith Build
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 150

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40-45 ( See Magic )
Will/Intelligence 20
Endurance 40-41 ( See Magic )
Strength 50
Dexterity **
Magic 10 ( You may de-level after learning spells )
Faith 50
Luck **
Recommended equipment

As the Dark Silver Knight your equipment will be as follows:

Armor: Full Dark Silver Set including a FULLY UPGRADED Dark Silver Shield

Weaponry ( As a hybrid build, you may forge both Blessed and Crushing versions of these )

Right Hand: Knight Sword, Guillotine Axe, Mirdan Hammer, Claymore and optionally the Bramd
Left Hand: Talisman of God, Talisman of Beasts ( Cracked ) and Morion Blade

Rings: Ring of Great Strength ( Enables full mobility ) and Eternal Warrior's Ring ( Obviously )

Consumables: Dark Moon Grass, Old Spice and Black Turpentine ( Counter your "wannabes" )

Recommended spells/miracles

Yes, Faith Builds could use magic too. However it is used as support.

Spells: Curse Weapon, Death Cloud and Relief ( Co-op support )
Miracles: Second Chance and God's Wrath ( Cast with Talisman of God )

Gameplay tips and progression

Garl Vinland is incredibly durable and very dangerous around mages. When creating this build focus on your endurance before any other statistics. This will ensure you can " suit up " quickly once you make short work of your impostor at the Valley of Defilement. Your one-handed weapons can severely damage your opponent when you complete a combo effectively and pierce their defenses with continuous strikes which can inflict magical damage. Weapons usually wielded with two hands such as the Mirdan Hammer, Claymore and Bramd will crush shielded opponents and provide you with excellent range.

Just as Ilkar had mentioned before, fire is your main weakness. Your shield can only protect you from 70% of fire damage. In other words, beware of Ignite, Fireball and of course Firestorm. Finish mages off quickly, they know of your weakness. Use hyper mode combined with Cursed Weapon or Black Turpentine for massive damage against those who resist the magical properties of your weapons. If things get ugly you can change the flow of battle with Death Cloud and be a helping hand with Relief.


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