Art's Strength Dude (SL125)
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Build summary Strongest Strength Build?
Recommended starting class(es) Temple Knight
Recommended Soul Level 125

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40/50
Will/Intelligence 18/11
Endurance 40/40
Strength 66/66
Dexterity 12/ 8
Magic 6 / 6
Faith 16/16
Luck 7 / 8
Recommended equipment

Right Hand:

  • Dragon Bone Smasher
  • Crushing Weapon of your choosing (Guillotine Axe is nice backup for the Dragon Bone Smasher)

Left Hand:

  • Talisman of Beasts
  • Knight's Shield +10
  • Dark Silver Shield (useful against North Regalia and Blueblood Sword users)
  • Dark Purple Flame Shield (incredibly useful against mages and spellblades)


  • Black Leather Set


  • Eternal Warrior's Ring/Clever Rat's Ring (body form)
  • Cling Ring/Friend's Ring/Foe's Ring (soul Form)
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Curse Weapon
  • Second Chance
Gameplay tips and progression

First thing is: my english is not too good.

The secret to this strength build are the two-handed attacks, the reason is simple: the damage difference between this and a common 50 strength build is not really noticeable until you wield a weapon two-handed, you get a +50% bonus in strength when you are wielding a weapon with both hands, do the math 66+(0.5*66)=99 strength!! that's right, you get 99 strength plus the damage modifiers. This thing makes Warding look like a joke, if you curse a Dragon Bone Smasher and manage to do a backstab or a riposte, there is a high chance that'll kill your opponent in one hit even if he has Warding on or at least crack his Second Chance.

Even if you don't curse, if you are in phantom form and wearing Friend's/Foe's Ring you might be able to take the opponent's full life bar with a two-handed attack. I once caused around 1200 damage points with a rolling attack of my Cursed Crushing Great Axe while two handed, my enemy had 100% HP with 50 vitality and his Second Chance got cracked in one direct hit. Really cool.

Another cool thing about my strength build is that you don't have to rely too much on buff tactics, which has been recently "banned" by the most experienced players, they avoid using them nowadays so that the battles can last longer.

I got the 11 intelligence idea from Hag's builds, which allows to pump vitality up to 50, to cast Second Chance however you need to equip Silver Catalyst and Silver Coronet together, plus the Talisman of Beasts to cast the miracle. If you are not too worried about Soul Level then just rise intelligence to 14 and forget about the Silver Catalyst (you still need the Silver Coronet), of course you are gonna be SL128, which is still ok. If you are gonna try this variation then remember that you will no longer be able to cast Curse Weapon, not that you need it that much since you can just wield your weapons two handed and already get a buff for that. Credits to Hagaar Bro for this nice variation.


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