God's miracles build
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Build summary
Recommended starting class(es)
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 50
Will/Intelligence 24
Endurance 40
Strength 15
Dexterity 12
Magic 6
Faith 50
Luck 7
Recommended equipment

Armor: For Male Char: Old King Doran's, Black Leather, Shamans.
Not recommended but with ring of Great Strength-Dark Silver set

Adjudicator's +5, DDS+5, Knight's +5

Rings; Soul form;
Blue Phantom: Cling, Friends
Black:Cling, Foe's

Rings; Body
Eternal/Regen, Eternal/Dull, Eternal/Magi ring of Dullness, Eternal/Ring of Sincere Prayer
Dull rats, Clever(if planning to use baby's nail in hyper,
Regen/Magic ring dullness, Regen, Dull rat's

Recommended spells/miracles

Four slots for faith:
Second chance/God's Wrath(TOG)(combo highly recommended
Alternative for fun: God's wrath, Regenerator miracle(use to stack wit regen ring)

Magic: Four slots; Warding/poison,

Because faith builds are hardest to kill but have weakest weapons for most part, I highly recommend being in soul form as a blue using friends, or red.
WIth a healthy increase dishing out physical damage with blessed weapons and God's wrath miracle, equipping one of these rings stacks also with one's character tendency.
Hence soul form being that you are stronger to being with than body, recommend using this kind of build only as blue tphantom for co-op or if setting up duels against red phantoms(should have host who is in neutral world tendency since it does effect soul form and stacks with that!!!)
Speaking of which a host since being in body form, gains absolutely no advantage if world tendency is pure white, or neutral> They have a major disadvantage if their world tendency is anything below neutrual. LOL, pure black world tendency doesn't give an invader less heath, it gives them a ton of more damage to dish out!! Stacked with PBCT of their, foe's ring, no host can compete damage or ring wise against that.
The myths regarding how host have advantages are over. Not true!!!
Finally, did I mention if you happen to be wearing clever(yes, clever with faith build due to using baby's nail, God's wrath miracle) is worth it!! If cast on someone God's wrath, in soul with PWCT as blue, you get a whopping 100)+ or more in damage(Incredible though possible unrealistic to try using both rijng of sincere prayer, and friend's ring in a nice duel)

Gameplay tips and progression

SImple but effective build that can be used for PVP effectively and extremely fun for PVE!!!!
For beginners; Please take a look at some other faith builds that show how to progress through game. I apologize, just do not want to be repetitive, and many other faith builds described on this site give a great outline for how to venture off into your DS journey properly building up stats.
Pros: To each their own. Whatever comfortable with.

This build while it may function as a pure faith, has less strength so wil not be able to use any weapon that requires more than 15 in Strength. The reason I chose to not go higher is due to the Mirdan Hammer being the cutoff between heavier and lighter blessed type weapons.
With 40 endurance, this build is meant to use the following upgraded blessed +5 weapons as main weapon: Knight's sword, Mirdan Hammer,Long sword and Mace(not the strongest but fun to use nevertheless. At lower levels, these two can be quite strong), and Guillotine Axe(can only use two handed due to requiring 20 strength for one. However, using two handed due to lack of reach but good stunlock is a wiser choice for this particular weapon.
As a secondary weapon, baby's nail +5(great when using clever), and Mokoto +5(good physical damage at 300+ when upgraded to +5 at any SL you PVP at, and deadly if you can get a hit or two in when in hyper)
The great thing about this build is the ability to cast strong double Godl's wrath one after the other.
Although due to lag, if your first God's wrath fails to effectively hit target, will be difficult to try again especially against experienced players who undestand space, and proper timing, it is a fun overall faith build that is very effective for PVE(ex: Valley of Defilement, stonefang, and Boletaria) as well as serves it's purpose in PVP is excellenttteeeee against those grass spamming pigs.
BTW-I don't support grassing, and definitely with a faith build!!! God's wrath many times counters any grass spamming and does it well.
Baby's nail is great to backstab pre-god's wrath. It's also effective when using poison cloud since the plague comes from the baby's nail.
Finally, because of the fact your intelligenc allows for very very fast casting, even if a player goes to heal, many times they will not have enough time to get that dark moon grass out and if they do, they will get a good blast from God's wrath..


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