White Soul Magician
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Build summary On this build, Im only introducing how to use a Magician with a good, and noob like-build, very easy to do.
Recommended starting class(es) Magician, Royalty
Recommended Soul Level **

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 30
Will/Intelligence 40
Endurance 20-30
Strength 15-30
Dexterity 25
Magic 40
Faith **
Luck **
Recommended equipment
  • Old King's Armor
  • Insanity Catalyst
  • Monk's Head Wrappings
  • Fragrant Ring
  • Ring of Flame Resistance
  • Ring of Poison Resistance
  • Ring of Gash Resistance
  • Ring of Disease Resistance
  • Thief's Ring
  • Regenerator's Ring
  • Ring of Avarice
  • Graverobber's Ring
Recommended spells/miracles
  • Flame Toss
  • Water Veil
  • Soul Arrow
  • Soul Ray
  • Fireball
  • Firestorm
  • Fire Spray
Gameplay tips and progression
  • First, After Clearing the Boletarian Palace, You Must kill the World 1-1 Boss: Phalanx, then return to the Nexus (Alive), and speak to the Monumental and answer "Yes" to the First Encounter, then you can proceed to the World 2-1 and kill the Boss: Armor Spider, then collect as many Half Moon Grass, Late Moon Grass, and Full Moon Grasses in order to finally face World 2-2 Boss: Flamelurker, and only Evade him and use Water Veil to protect yourself from his super blast attacks, then attack him with "Soul Arrow" until he dies. After This you can and must kill the World 2-3 Boss: Dragon God, but before that please remember to gain a PWWT so that you can withdraw the "Dragon Bone Smasher" before ultimately killing "Dragon God", but if you only have a Short Sword, a Leather Shield and Wizard's Armor as weapons, find a bow and arrow so that you can use this as a Crosshair for your Spell "Soul Arrow" to destroy the broken pillars.

Then, Go to World 3-1: Tower of Latria and kill all enemies with "Flame Toss", because it deals more damage against Mind Flayers and the Prison Horde, then try to kill the Black Phantom because of your current Soul Level unless you Increase it up to its required points, depends on your choice, then Kill the World 3-1 Boss: Fool's Idol, and rescue "Sage Freke" in order to gain the Spell "Soul Ray". Then continue until you Kill the "Old Monk", obtain the Insanity Catalyst and then its your own game from their on…..


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