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Build summary A faith build with good magic defense and offense using blessed weapons and blueblood sword using black turp and SWS
Recommended starting class(es) Wanderer
Recommended Soul Level 125-130

Recommended stats (Leave at default (**) if not raised)

Vitality 40(45)
Will/Intelligence 14
Endurance 36
Strength 18(20)
Dexterity 18
Magic 6
Faith 40
Luck 30
Recommended equipment

Any light armor which includes; Black Leather, Sage Freke's, Shaman's,
Heavy Armor: Can use Old King Doran's Armor due to no stamina regen penalty.
Please note: While casting SC miracle always have Silver coronet on. You will not be able to cast without it due to 14 Intelligence.

As phantom-
Blue-clings, friends(pure white character tendency recommended!)
Invader-clings; and Foe's ring (pure black character tendency recommended! Does not effect your HP when invading another's world)

Body form(having either Pure white or black CT when for duels has no effect since soul form only stacks with CT my friends)
eternal, dull's, and rat's rings, regenerator, ring of magical dullness,etc..
In body form, please do not do the following: equipping ring of great strength(no reason to as your equip burden should be below the 50% burden to roll effectively, and wearing no rings at all.
Bad bad choice against skilled invaders using foe's…bad,baddddd choice…With 40 vit, not much more HP than an invader with much higher vit!!

Weapons; Blueblood sword buffed with Black Turpentine or Sticky White stuff.
Recommended Blessed weapon's that effective with 18 strength: MH, Knight's sword, blessed knuckles(does decent damage!)
If going to SL 130 you can now one hand the Guillotine Axe and Claymore.
However, as a side note, and just an opinion, I do not recommend using any heavy blessed weapons(two handing Great Axe, Great Swords). Also because this build has a need for speed, using slower blessed weapons like the Claymore is not highly recommended. while it gives good damage, and def one of best blessed weapons to use it doesn't mesh in well with this caliber of build.. You are also very prone by skilled players to get backstabbed using Claymore. .

While not as good damage wise as the others. secondary blessed weapons that can be upgraded are; Mace, Morning star, even battle axe and long sword.

Onto the highly unappreciated and underated Istarelle spear- being that this spear spear stacks with faith and luck(faith for pos resistance, luck for plague) it is a high defensive tool that is very underated but very effective in reality when co oping in certain worlds(5-2 is a prime area to use Istarelle. Added dam when blue phantom!) and in general serves huge purposes for PVe defensive and offensive!!!)
Another thing I want to mention is that stacking two colorless +5 Istarelles does indeed STACK!!! I've tested this and you can expect with this build to have over 4K when equipping poison ring)
While plague is going to be lower in resistance versus poison, due to having 30 in luck you can expect to have more than enough to keep plague lotuse's out of your inventory!
I would recommend using Istarelle on your back instead of the adjudicator shield in 5-2. Use blessed weapon or another Istarelle in main hand. It does and I will say does, do great damage(magic) against many environment enemies(try using it against the skeles in world 4. With pure white character tendency and in soul form, those babies can be killed in two hits!

For casting/Miracle materials: TOG(Talisman of God for casting Miracles)
TOB(For warding, clouds, and any other spells you would use(cloak, demon's prank,etc…)
TOB-For warding, or use of clouds.

Recommended spells/miracles

Two top miracles must haves! Second chance for defensive and god's wrath for offensive.
use God's Wrath only with the TOG(Talisman of God) Even though you have the stats to use Talisman of Beasts, using the TOG for offensive miracles does way more damage.

Other miracles fun for PVe and cooping to play around with: Regeneration Spell, heal, and Cure.
While costing 20K from St. Urbain to attain, evacuation miracle for farming is worth every cent! being able to leave a world, while not sacrificing any souls you have, or using them to buy archstones from pat the Hyeneeeee's is cost effective!! Get it!@

Spells: Warding(after SC breaks, (especially good against grass spammers)
Note: using water spell is great against flamelurker when having fire resistance ring equipped(Body form recommend only).
What's incredibly fun and causes absolutely no damage when "walking on fire"is equipping water spell(sorry, forgot exact name) ring of fire resistance, full Old King doran's amor along with regen and the top it off with a cherry, blessed weapon, adjudicator shield, in bearbug lava area(inside cage just before you jump down to Flamelurker.)

Gameplay tips and progression

Instead of a full out game progression guide, decided to give you some sample setups you can do in each of the four slots to put weapons/shields/miracles. Hope this helps. I apologize for not giving advice on how to start off building stats, etc..
Reason is due to many builds on here giving already very strong explanations on how to build stats up in general(for any build)

One thing that is important to some would be to delevel back to original magic stat once you have learned all necessary spells from Freke and his apprentice. In order to learn spells from these clowns, you have to take magic up to 10. Fortunately with Wanderer, that would mean only have to deleveling one mag point back to original stat.
The one thing you have to remember, is once you have learned spells, and deleveled, in order to remember them, you need to go to Yuria the Witch to attain them.

Strong magic defense, good damage from blessed weapons, good enough stamina for rolling fast, and multiple hits/combo's before draining full endurance bar.
Blueblood is typically used only while having light spell buffed.
Most of the time, does very little damage when not using this method.
However, being that you have 30 in the luck stat which increases magi and physical damage of sword, adding other buffs as mentioned above will give you strong damage output. It is worth it!

Con's-40, even 45 as phantom is pretty low. That being said, I am a believer of skill(if taking lag out of the equation:) being more effective than an opponents HP.
These days with DS evolving into pure backstab technniques, certain buffers like cursed on a sharp or crushing weapon, HP means very little. Fast weapons cursed like a kilij kill a host or phantom with ease(regardless of having 99 versus 40 vit!!!
That being said, when it comes to unbuffed weapnos which these days is rare unless you have upped your dex stat to 80+ hence ability to kill as easily when buffed!, higher vitality could be something that saved you.
This is why to use this build, one has to be strategic, methodical, excellent PVP and PVE player, good reflexes, eye, and hand coordination. I could continue with run on sentences, but instead;;;;;;understand space, timing between yourself and another, and overall live dangerously baby!!! you get the point:)While having a blueblood buffed with BT, or SWS with a blessed weapon right behind it is no joke damage wise, you want to be able to use this build as methodical and tactical as possible.

One other con*(semi at best) is having only 14 intell. This means, when casting SC, must have Silver Cor. on. It's a nuisance at times but once you have casted SC, switch back t any helmet/head pieces/Torpedo head(though not sure why you would use with this build) A

Adding a pro into the mix of this, use Warding as a good choice if SC breaks during intensive, heated duels!! Casting warding does not require having to use the Silver Coronet. Plenty of MP for this.
Surgeon general's warning: Grass Spamming in this game can be hazardous to your's and other's gameplay. Lack of fun=lack of skill=grass spammers=get better!=munchies


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